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Corinne Deboos
9, La Basse Bouëxière



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The room is situated on the ground floor of a separate building and features abundant natural light and a pleasing combination of warm colors. It is furnished with a double bed, a corner office, a wardrobe, and a private bathroom equipped with environmentally-friendly dry toilets and a spacious 90*120cm Italian shower.
For breakfast, guests can enjoy the option of dining at our table or in the gazebo, weather permitting. Our table d'hôtes is available by reservation, subject to our availability.
The hamlet is located on the outskirts of an 8-hectare woodland, through which a hiking trail passes (connected to GR 37 at 1 km). The Dinan-Vannes greenway is just one kilometer away. We offer garage space for bicycles or motorbikes, as well as a park for horses or donkeys, directly accessible from the courtyard. The premises also house various farm animals, including cats, chickens, and sheep.
Wifi is available upon request.

Description for Gite

This delightful cottage can comfortably accommodate up to 4 guests in the spacious en suite room located on the second floor. For larger groups of up to 6 people, there is an additional room on the first floor, which is also wheelchair accessible. The cottage features a fully equipped kitchen and a convenient washing machine for your laundry needs. Parking is available for your convenience. Enjoy the beautiful garden and relax on the terrace while indulging in a delicious barbecue. Stay entertained with the provided TV and stay connected with either the wifi or cable internet access. Please inquire with us in advance if you wish to bring your pets along. Rest assured, this cottage has been awarded 3 stars under the official French regulations, guaranteeing a high standard of quality.


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To reach the destination, start from Rennes and head towards St Brieuc on the RN 12. Take the second exit labeled "Montauban-de-Bretagne" and turn right followed by a left onto the D61 towards Médréac. Drive straight for 2 km, passing through the village of Saint-MHervon. After a crossroads with a pumping station on the right, continue for 100 m and then turn right onto a lane with a "stop" sign. You have arrived!
The nearest train station is Montauban-de-Bretagne, located 7 km away.



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Notes: Homemade breakfast included. 5€ discount per room from the second night. Fares vary depending of the private or shared bathroom and of the number of people.
Notes: Homemade breakfast included. 5€ discount per room from the second night. Fares vary depending of the private or shared bathroom and of the number of people.
Notes: Rent the cottage for a week-end or a mid-week : 60% of the week's rate. Prices increase during the


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  • Château de Combourg: Located about 7 km from La Basse Bouëxière, the Château de Combourg is a historical castle known for its association with renowned French writer François-René de Chateaubriand. Visitors can explore the castle's beautifully preserved interior and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.
  • Forêt de Brocéliande: Situated approximately 15 km from La Basse Bouëxière, the Forêt de Brocéliande is a legendary forest steeped in Arthurian tales and Celtic mythology. Visitors can wander through the ancient woodland, discover magical sites such as the Fountain of Youth and Merlin's Tomb, and immerse themselves in the enchanting atmosphere.
  • Jardins de Brocéliande: Adjacent to the Forêt de Brocéliande, the Jardins de Brocéliande is a stunning botanical garden that showcases a vast array of plants, flowers, and landscapes. With themed gardens, water features, and walking trails, it offers a peaceful retreat for nature lovers.
  • Domaine de la Bourbansais: Situated around 20 km from La Basse Bouëxière, Domaine de la Bourbansais is a magnificent castle surrounded by picturesque gardens and a zoo. Visitors can explore the elegant interiors of the castle, witness captivating falconry shows, and encounter various exotic animals in the zoo.
  • Château de Fougères: Located approximately 25 km from La Basse Bouëxière, the Château de Fougères is one of the largest medieval fortresses in Europe. This impressive castle features a well-preserved keep, defensive walls, and towers, offering visitors a glimpse into the region's medieval history.
  • Rennes: As the capital city of Brittany, Rennes is only about 30 km from La Basse Bouëxière. This vibrant city boasts a mix of historical and modern attractions, including the stunning Rennes Cathedral, the historic Parliament of Brittany, and the Musée des Beaux-Arts. Rennes also offers a lively atmosphere with numerous cafes, restaurants, and shopping opportunities.
  • Mont Saint-Michel: Situated approximately 80 km from La Basse Bouëxière, Mont Saint-Michel is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of France's most iconic landmarks. This enchanting medieval abbey, perched on a rocky island, attracts millions of visitors each year. Visitors can explore the abbey, stroll through the charming streets, and witness the spectacular tidal phenomenon. These are just a few of the many tourist attractions near La Basse Bouëxière, offering a diverse range of historical, natural, and cultural experiences for visitors to enjoy.

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