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Stanko Maroulevski
Route du Col de la Croisette - LieuDit Les Nabières



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Le Mas des Nabières offers two separate cottages overlooking a charming courtyard, providing bed and breakfast accommodation.

The first cottage features a spacious room with Indian-inspired decor, complete with a fireplace and a bathroom with a toilet. This room can comfortably accommodate 2-3 persons.

The second cottage offers a cozy and fully independent room with its own bathroom and toilet. This room is perfect for 2 persons and boasts a charming decor.

Additionally, each room has an adjoining annex room, which shares the same bathroom and toilet as the master room. These annex rooms have a private entrance and are designed to be a real rural apartment, making them ideal for families or couples of friends. Please note that this option is available upon request only.

For more detailed information, please visit the owner's official website.

Description for Gite

This charming rural gîte is located in the picturesque hamlet of Mas des Nabières, offering a tranquil and secluded setting. It boasts a private entrance along the scenic road that runs alongside it.
The gîte features a lovely private garden with stunning views of the surrounding mountains, and a delightful summer kitchen nestled under a beautiful arbor. There is also a functional built-in barbecue available for use, except during dry periods.
Perfect for a romantic getaway, the gîte comfortably accommodates a couple, and is also suitable for a small family with two children. Additionally, it provides all the necessary amenities for two adult couples to enjoy a comfortable stay.


Appréciations pour Mas des Nabières, Saint-Martial:

Review by: Morin, Juil 25 2016 3:39PM
Séjour formidable au mas de nabieres,accueilli par ISKA le chien et bien sûr STanko le proprietaire qui est très sympha , pas de problème pour trouvé la chambre d hôte tout est chambre très spacieuse et une literie confortable .une salle pour faire les repas et où l on prend un bon petit dejeuner copieux.a refaire.(un peu d humour dans ce monde de brutes ,STanko a des airs de Jean ferrat
des vacances idylliques au mas des nabieres
Review by: Klaus et Betsy Graichen, Aou 24 2013 8:20PM
Des le debut de notre sejour au mas de nabieres on a recu de notre hote Stanko un accueil chalereux.La chambre indienne etait fait avec gout et etait tres proper et suffisament grande d`avoir l`impression d`etre dans un petit appartement. Stanko etait aux petits soins sans etre a aucun moment intrusive, l`hote parfait. On pouvait faire des repas simples le soir en les mangeant avec du jardin une vue splendide du village medieval et picturesque de Saint Martial.C`est un lieu parfait pour faire des randonnes parmi les chataignieres sur les anciennes drailles des moutons.Nous n`hesitons pas a recommender Le mas des nabieres et conte y retourner prochainement!

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To travel west from Nîmes, follow the signs for Quissac, Sauves, Saint-Hipolytte du Fort, Ganges, Sumène, and finally Saint-Martial.

If coming from Montpellier and heading north, first follow the signs for "Hopitaux Facultés" to exit the city. Then, pass through Saint-Martin de Londres, Saint-Bauzile de Putois, and LaRoque. Once in Ganges, follow the signs for Nîmes. At the first roundabout, take the direction towards Sumène and Saint-Martial.

For travelers coming from the center of France, head towards Millau and cross the magnificent viaduct. Continue towards Le Vigan and then take the road towards Ganges. Shortly after Pont-DHerault, you will see a small mountain road on your left. Take that road, which will lead you to Sumène, and from there, follow the road to Saint-Martial.



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2 60 70 34 oui
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1 94 125 oui
Apartment 1 128 140
Holiday Home -1 66 70 380 420




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