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La Ferme des Etoiles
Le Corneillon


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Located on a pristine watershed, beneath a remarkably unpolluted sky, "the FARM STARS" offers a privileged site for stargazing and astronomy enthusiasts. Nestled within a restored Gascon residence, this unique establishment provides accommodation for up to 20 guests in its charming guest rooms, classified as "3 Ears". Additionally, the site offers a remarkable "full nature" experience with five "astrobubbles" scattered throughout the park, capable of accommodating up to 25 people. With its expansive 2-hectare park, swimming pool, cozy reading room, and activity spaces, this place is an ideal haven for relaxation and a perfect escape within a preserved natural environment. The presence of a planetarium, a photo laboratory, a library, a video library, observation platforms, domes, and a giant solar system further enhances the opportunity to explore the breathtaking beauty of the sky and unravel the mysteries of the universe.


Appréciations pour La Ferme des Etoiles, Mauroux:

Une soirée astronomie et une table de qualité
Review by: Morissaud ( Burnet) Géraldine, Aou 28 2015 6:15PM
Un animateur passionné par son sujet et qui sait transmettre sa passion , tres disponible. Une association avec un président chaleureux , un personnel de cuisine très serviable. Une cuisine tout a fait copieuse , typique et savoureuse. Seuls points negatifs, matériels, à mon sens: la décoration et le confort des chambres. La chambre jaune avec un matelas aux ressorts bien bien présent.Une déco qui tout à coup quitte le theme sans en avoir un au final, un equipement restreint ( serviette de toilette)pour le standing affiché. Une insonorisation des chambres très limitée . Le lieu vaut neanmoins le detour et les activités bien sur .

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Travel directions:
From Bordeaux, take the A62 motorway. Take exit 7 towards Agen, then continue towards Auch on N21. Just before reaching Lectoure, turn left towards Clar Saint. Once in Saint-Clar, follow the signs for Lavit and the "Close Stars" panels.
From Toulouse, take exit 8 towards Valence of Agen, then head towards Saint-Clar. At the bottom of Saint-Clar, turn left towards Lavit and follow the signs for the "Close Stars" panels.



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Swimming Pool


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  • Château de Bonaguil: Situated in Saint-Front-sur-Lémance, approximately 30 kilometers from Mauroux, this impressive fortress is a must-visit for history enthusiasts. Discover its intricate design, defensive features, and learn about its role during the Hundred Years' War.
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