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Jan Rise
Åkerhielmsgatan 14a



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Description for B&B:

Gorgeously located cottage in quiet forest location directly on the lake of Nissangen, 15 km from the centre of Malung.

Enter the lake for swimming directly from the plot; the nearby sand beach is perfect for small children.

Spacious sun deck facing south and west, offering a 180 degree view of the lake with opportunities to supervise any swimming children.

The cottage is charmingly primitive - there is no electricity. Lighting comes from candles and oil lamps. Drinking water is collected from a well on the lot.

The living-room has a fireplace; the dining table is placed by a large set of windows facing the lake. In the back of the room is one double bed (2 beds).

The bedroom has two bunk beds of the old Dalecarlian type, in total four (4) beds.

The kitchen, lacking running water, is equipped with wood stove, LPG stove & oven and LPG fridge.

A new built loghouse directly on the beach contains a woodfired sauna and a relax room with breathtaking views over the lake, along with a sundeck in two levels.

The boathouse contains a guest-room equipped with a bunk bed with two (2) beds, woodshed, row-boat and two bicycles. Separate privy.

Good fishing in the lake: perch and pike.


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Lake Nissången is located 15 km from the centre of Malung, 320 km NW of Stockholm.

Bring your own car:

Frederikshavn – Oslo (;

Kiel – Göteborg (;

Kiel – Oslo ( or

By air and rental car:

from Stockholm-Västerås Airport + 3 hrs;

from Oslo - Gardemoen Airport + 2.5 hrs



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