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Wim Strobbe
Lieu Dit Pachot Nord


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Welcome to our beautifully renovated and expansive house, where you will feel right at home. Nestled in a truly remarkable location, you can escape from the outside world for a day or longer. Explore the enchanting charm of medieval villages, indulge in the delights of vineyards, or venture to the breathtaking seaside or majestic mountains. For those seeking urban adventures, vibrant cities like Toulouse, Bordeaux, and Agen await your exploration. Additionally, immerse yourself in outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking, or even horseback riding, with an abundance of scenic routes right at your doorstep.


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  • Château de Brassac (9.5 km): A medieval castle located in Brassac, this attraction offers guided tours and a chance to explore the historic architecture and beautiful surroundings.
  • Abbaye de Moissac (16.5 km): This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a stunning Romanesque abbey with intricate carvings and a rich history. Visitors can explore the abbey church, cloister, and museum.
  • Pont Canal du Cacor (18.3 km): This impressive canal bridge in Moissac showcases engineering marvels of the 19th century. Visitors can walk or cycle across the bridge while enjoying picturesque views of the Tarn River.
  • Musée Ingres (26.7 km): Housed in the former Episcopal Palace of Montauban, this museum is dedicated to the works of French Neoclassical painter Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres. It displays a vast collection of paintings, sculptures, and drawings.
  • Montauban Cathedral (27 km): The Saint-Jacques Cathedral in Montauban is a beautiful example of Southern Gothic architecture. Visitors can admire the intricate details of the cathedral's interior and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.
  • Le Moulin Fortifié de Saint-Nicolas-de-la-Grave (29.5 km): Located in Saint-Nicolas-de-la-Grave, this fortified mill is a unique historical site. It offers guided tours to learn about its functioning and the role it played in the local economy.
  • Parc de la Garenne (31 km): Situated in Montauban, this public park is perfect for relaxation and leisure activities. It features beautiful gardens, walking paths, playgrounds, and a small lake.
  • Château de Bonaguil (41 km): This impressive medieval fortress near Fumel is a must-visit for history enthusiasts. It offers guided tours that take visitors through its well-preserved towers, ramparts, and courtyards.
  • Les Jardins de Quercy (42 km): Located in Verfeil-sur-Seye, these stunning gardens are known for their diverse plant species and well-maintained landscapes. Visitors can explore the gardens, enjoy picnics, and take in the scenic beauty. 10. Lac de Saint-Nicolas-de-la-Grave (43 km): This picturesque lake near Saint-Nicolas-de-la-Grave is ideal for water-based activities such as swimming, fishing, and boating. It also features a sandy beach and picnic areas. These attractions provide a mix of historical, cultural, and natural experiences that are easily accessible from Lieu Dit Pachot Nord, Castelsagrat, France.

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