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Marilyne Perron
48 Rue De La Ville Mauny


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The breakfast is prepared with simplicity and warmth, and guests have the option to enjoy it either on the ground floor or in their room, according to their preference.

Dinard, located in Brittany near St Malo and Cap Fréhel, offers convenient access to various attractions. It is only a 30-minute drive from both Mont St Michel and Cap Frehel. Additionally, Dinard airport is just 4 minutes away.

This seaside city is renowned for its bustling market held three mornings a week, enchanting moonlit walks, splendid villas from the Belle Époque era, beautiful beaches, and a lively casino. Dinard is situated across from St Malo, which can be reached in just 10 minutes by boat bus during the summer months. This allows for easy exploration of the ramparts and the historic corsair city of St Malo. Moreover, the stunning destinations of Mont St Michel and Cap Frehel are just a short 30-minute drive away, while the medieval town of Dinan is only 10 minutes away. The charming valley of Rance and its picturesque towns are also within a few kilometers.

The beaches and the city center are conveniently located just 1.5 km away, making it an excellent starting point for exploring the GR34 or "customs path." This trail takes visitors on a scenic tour of the city, passing through various landmarks such as the oldest district of St Enogat, the impressive Rochebrune villa, the central beach with its casino and seawater pools, and finally, the Prieuré beach, which offers the most breathtaking view of St Malo.


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  • Saint-Malo: Located just across the Rance River, Saint-Malo is a historic walled city known for its stunning beaches, picturesque old town, and impressive fortifications. Explore the cobbled streets, visit the medieval castle, and enjoy panoramic views from the ramparts.
  • Mont Saint-Michel: Situated approximately 58 kilometers from Dinard, Mont Saint-Michel is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of France's most iconic landmarks. This medieval abbey is perched on a rocky island and surrounded by tidal waters. Marvel at the stunning architecture and enjoy the breathtaking views.
  • Dinard Beaches: Dinard itself offers beautiful sandy beaches, perfect for sunbathing, swimming, or taking a leisurely stroll. Some popular beaches in the area include Plage de l'Écluse, Plage de Port Riou, and Plage du Prieuré. Enjoy the coastal scenery and relax by the sea.
  • Dinard Promenade Clair de Lune: This scenic promenade stretches along the coastline and offers stunning views of the sea and nearby islands. It is an ideal spot for a leisurely walk or bike ride, with numerous benches and picnic areas available.
  • Pointe du Moulinet: Located at the tip of the Saint-Enogat district in Dinard, Pointe du Moulinet offers breathtaking panoramic views of the bay and the coastline. Take a stroll along the coastal path and admire the rugged cliffs and beautiful scenery.
  • Grand Aquarium Saint-Malo: Situated in Saint-Malo, the Grand Aquarium is a popular attraction for both adults and children. Explore the fascinating underwater world, encounter various marine species, and enjoy interactive exhibits and shows.
  • Château de Dinan: Approximately 25 kilometers from Dinard, the Château de Dinan is a medieval fortress located in the town of Dinan. Discover its impressive ramparts, towers, and panoramic views of the town and surrounding countryside.
  • Cap Fréhel: Situated around 46 kilometers from Dinard, Cap Fréhel is a dramatic cliff-top promontory that offers stunning views of the coastline. Explore the walking trails, visit the lighthouse, and marvel at the rugged beauty of the landscape.
  • La Cité d'Alet: Located in Saint-Malo, La Cité d'Alet is an archaeological site that showcases the remains of an ancient Gallo-Roman settlement. Explore the ruins, learn about the history of the site, and enjoy the beautiful views of the sea. 10. Solidor Tower: Situated in Saint-Malo, the Solidor Tower is a medieval fortress that now houses the Museum of Cape Horners. Discover the history of maritime exploration, see artifacts from famous expeditions, and enjoy panoramic views of the city and harbor.

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