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Alain Fornale
6 Ter route de Vannes
La Ferte St Aubin


2 reviews

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We offer four spacious bedrooms, each painted in a unique color scheme, featuring a double bed suitable for two individuals and an additional single bed. The bathrooms are fully equipped and we provide towels, along with fresh sheets and cozy blankets. Start your day with a delightful full breakfast, which can be enjoyed on the terrace if the weather allows. In case of favorable weather conditions, you can also access the terrace and make use of the comfortable garden furniture. Furthermore, we have a library and a lounge area at your disposal.


Appréciations pour Le Clos Saint Marie, La Ferte St Aubin:

Review by: Véronique Crépin, Juil 29 2019 10:44AM
Accueil excellent.
Chambre avec sanitaires privés.
Le propriétaire est très accueillant. Je recommande vivement
Game Fair 2018
Review by: D Gourden, Juin 18 2018 1:05PM
Très agréable, chambre impeccable, petit déjeuner très copieux, prix très correct.
Nous gardons un super souvenir de notre rencontre avec les propriétaires, un accueil très chaleureux.
Je recommande fortement.

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To reach the town of Orleans from FERTE ST AUBIN, head south on the RN20 for a distance of 25 km. Take the exit for Highway A71 - Orleans source / Olivet.



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