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Christine Ledanois-Oper
4 Rue du Bonnet Rouge
Aillant Sur Tholon


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Welcome to Christine's guest house in the charming town of Aillant on Tholon. With a private bathroom and toilet, you'll have all the comfort and convenience you need. Enjoy the added benefit of independent access and parking for your convenience. Additionally, the nearby workshop offers a unique opportunity to reconnect with the earth and mother nature through various activities such as modeling, sculpture, tours, and even cooking. Located just 1.5 hours away from Paris and conveniently close to the south Joigny motorway exit, our guest house is the perfect retreat for art enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Description for Gite

This cozy bedroom features a comfortable bed measuring 140 cm. Additionally, it offers a convenient shower and a separate WC for your utmost comfort and privacy.


Appréciations pour La Terre Se Crée, Aillant Sur Tholon:

Séjour sportif de deux jours au golf
Review by: AnneM, Juil 28 2015 9:56PM
Un accueil charmant et discret dans une petite maison accueillante attenante à la maison principale. Tout le confort attendu ... un petit déjeuner délicieux. Le condition idéale pour accompagner notre compétition sportive.

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To reach Aillant Tholon, which is located 12 kilometers away from the Joigny (89) exit on the southbound highway, it will take approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes from Paris.



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