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Gerard Quentin
14 Rue des Monts de Vignes



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The bed and breakfast is situated in a serene corner surrounded by lush green flowers, trees, and a refreshing source.

Our goal is to ensure your tranquility, which is why we have attached this space to our residence.

This recently completed 40m2 area is spread over two levels. As you enter through a beautifully decorated and well-lit entrance, you will discover the living and relaxation area where a hearty breakfast will be served. On the same level, there is a modern bathroom equipped with all the necessary amenities such as a shower and toilet.

A contemporary staircase will lead you to a bright and airy loft space offering the ultimate relaxation. The space includes a comfortable 160cm bed, storage facilities, and a DTT television, perfect for two people.

During the summer months, air conditioning is available to ensure your comfort.

The price for one night, including breakfast, is 59 euros.


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  • Dijon Cathedral: Also known as the Cathedral of Saint-Bénigne, this Romanesque-style cathedral features impressive architecture and houses the crypt of Saint-Bénigne. Visitors can climb the tower for panoramic views of the city.
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