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Marie Claude Da Ponte
Moulin de Rigoulières
St Sylvestre Sur Lot



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Marie-Claude Rivière welcomes guests to her charming old house, offering a comfortable room named Nancy (with three stars) featuring a living room and a fully private terrace with a picturesque view of the Lot. Guests can enjoy WIFI access and a selection of books during their stay. Additionally, there is a separate family room (with two stars) located in a modular house on the property, offering two levels with three bedrooms (featuring beds of sizes 140cm x 3 and 90cm x 1), a bathroom, a living room, and another private terrace with a stunning view of the Lot. This accommodation also includes WIFI access. The property spans over 1.5 acres and offers private parking for guests. A community pool is available for use from May to October. Rates for the stay range from 40 euros, with a tax of 0.60 to 0.75 euros per person per day.


Appréciations pour Moulin de Rigoulières, St Sylvestre Sur Lot:

endroi magique
Review by: arnaud guillou, Sep 20 2018 12:49PM
ce n est pas la 1ere fois que nous louons une chambre ici.L accueil est super,la chambre est magnifique.Que dire du cadre? conseille vivement a tout ceux qui veulent de l exception

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To travel from Villeneuve Sur Lot to Fumel, follow the D911 road. Once you reach St Marcel, continue for 1km and then make a right turn at a location known as "Rigoulières". Look for a house with signs indicating "Gîtes de France".



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2 270 270 20 € oui
Holiday Home 6 130 oui


Swimming Pool


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