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Aurelia Boulet
14 Rue D'ezy
La Couture Boussey



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02 77 85 43 82


06 33 04 47 64

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I offer a total of four accommodations for your stay. Firstly, there are two spacious rooms in my house, each measuring 25m² and equipped with their own private bathrooms. Additionally, there is a cozy tiny house designed for two individuals. Lastly, I have a large studio that can comfortably accommodate up to six people. This studio features a double bed on the ground floor and another double bed, along with two single beds, on the top level. Throughout your stay, I strive to ensure a peaceful environment and a relaxed atmosphere. So, please feel welcome and be my guest!


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Notes: 2 rooms with an Andalusian or Asian atmosphere .... you only have to choose !
Notes: A tiny house for 2 or a duplex for 6 people max


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