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Anna Chambers
9 Rue du Pigeonnier
St Germain les Belles


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This unique holiday house is located in the rural Limousin region of central France, known as the Land of a Thousand Lakes. It has been completely renovated and furnished to a high standard, offering guests a truly special experience. The interior has a contemporary and uncluttered feel, with tasteful furnishings and original features such as beautiful wood flooring throughout.

The house can accommodate up to 14 people and offers six lovely bedrooms, five of which have private shower/bathrooms. The ground-floor bedroom/bathroom is also accessible for wheelchair users. Additionally, there is a private garden and dining terrace with stunning views of the open countryside and meadows filled with buttercups. Patio furniture and a dining table are provided for guests to enjoy outdoor meals.

Conveniently located in the picturesque village of St Germain les Belles, just 30 minutes south of Limoges, the house is surrounded by great local shops, restaurants, historic buildings, and a family-friendly swimming lake with a lively bar and restaurant in the summer. Limousin is known as the "French Lake District" and offers unspoilt natural landscapes, perfect for lakeside activities and peaceful walks through rolling hills and forests. Immerse yourself in the slow pace of life and experience true rural French culture.

Previous guests have raved about their memorable holiday experiences at this superb cottage. The village offers amenities such as a bar, two bakeries, a general store, post office, and a cash machine, making it convenient for guests. Despite being in the village, the cottage provides a sense of being in the middle of the countryside, offering the best of both worlds. The cottage is extremely well-equipped, clean, and spacious, making it the best accommodation for a family holiday. Guests have highly recommended this holiday home and plan to return in the future. Experience a comfortable and relaxing stay surrounded by glorious countryside.


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Our establishment is situated in the charming village of St - Germain Les Belles (Haute -Vienne). If you are traveling from Paris, we are approximately 425 km south, which typically takes around 4 hours by car. Additionally, we are conveniently located just 35 km south of Limoges, the capital of Limousin, which is a short 30-minute drive away. Access to our village is effortless, as it is only a 10-minute drive from the A20 motorway, specifically exit 42. This motorway is the primary route connecting Paris to the southern regions of France.



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  • Limoges: Located approximately 26 km southwest of St Germain les Belles, Limoges is known for its rich history and porcelain production. Explore the stunning Cathédrale Saint-Étienne, visit the Musée National Adrien Dubouché to admire its extensive porcelain collection, or take a stroll through the charming old town.
  • Oradour-sur-Glane: Situated around 30 km northwest of St Germain les Belles, Oradour-sur-Glane is a haunting memorial village that serves as a reminder of the atrocities committed during World War II. The preserved ruins of the original village, destroyed by the Nazis in 1944, provide a powerful and somber experience.
  • Lac de Vassivière: Located approximately 60 km northeast of St Germain les Belles, Lac de Vassivière is a picturesque lake and a perfect destination for nature lovers. Enjoy a range of activities such as swimming, fishing, hiking, or simply relaxing on the sandy beaches while taking in the beautiful surroundings.
  • Château de Rochechouart: Situated around 60 km northeast of St Germain les Belles, the Château de Rochechouart is a medieval castle perched on a rocky outcrop. Explore its impressive architecture, visit the contemporary art museum housed within its walls, and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.
  • Brive-la-Gaillarde: Located approximately 66 km south of St Germain les Belles, Brive-la-Gaillarde is a charming town known for its picturesque old town and vibrant atmosphere. Stroll through the cobblestone streets, visit the Saint-Martin Collegiate Church, and indulge in the local gastronomy at one of the many restaurants and cafes.
  • Château de Montbrun: Situated around 70 km southeast of St Germain les Belles, the Château de Montbrun is a medieval fortress nestled in the heart of the Monts de Blond Regional Nature Park. Explore the castle's ruins, enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, and discover the park's diverse flora and fauna.
  • Saint-Junien: Located approximately 40 km west of St Germain les Belles, Saint-Junien is a historic town famous for its leather industry. Visit the Espace Paul Rebeyrolle museum, dedicated to the works of the local artist, or explore the picturesque old town with its half-timbered houses and charming streets.
  • Château de Châlucet: Situated around 85 km southeast of St Germain les Belles, the Château de Châlucet is a medieval fortress that offers a glimpse into the region's history. Explore the castle's towers and defensive walls, learn about its fascinating past, and enjoy the scenic views from its elevated position. These are just a few of the many tourist attractions near St Germain les Belles that offer a diverse range of experiences, from historical landmarks to natural beauty and cultural sites.

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