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Claire Brun
1 Rue Chauvelles - Les Grandes Rivieres-
Sainte Soulle



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Located in a serene and tranquil environment, "La Tonnelle Fleurie" is a charming Charente-style house with a rich history spanning three centuries. Situated just 12 kilometers away from the renowned historic center of La Rochelle, it takes a mere 10-minute drive to reach this delightful abode. Additionally, it is conveniently positioned 12 kilometers away from the Bridge to Ile de Ré. Guests can indulge in the pleasures of a spacious swimming pool and a picturesque gazebo, perfect for enjoying delightful homemade jams during breakfast. The meticulously adorned rooms come complete with private bathrooms for utmost comfort and convenience.


Appréciations pour La Tonnelle Fleurie, Sainte Soulle:

Très agréable séjour
Review by: Mimin , Oct 12 2015 1:50PM
Un accueil délicieux tout comme le petit déjeuner dans un décor conforme à nos attentes.
A recommander sans hésitation.
L'hôte est délicieusement accueillante
Review by: Frédéricka, Sep 8 2012 9:25PM
Voici une surprenante adresse, qui semble loin de La Rochelle, mais qui ne l'est pas. Un compromis parfait pour découvrir les environs de La Rochelle tout en bénéficiant d'un accès rapide aux différentes plages de la région. Claire est au petit soin avec vous et vous réserve des confitures maison et une décoration adorable. Nous recommandons et nous espérons la retrouver dans peu de temps.
Response from property:
Merci beaucoup. J'ai été très heureuse de vous accueillir dans ma maison d'hôtes, et très heureuse de faire votre connaissance. A bientôt peut-être.

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Swimming Pool


  • La Rochelle: Located approximately 8 kilometers from Rue Chauvelles, La Rochelle is a picturesque coastal city known for its historic architecture, vibrant harbor, and beautiful sandy beaches. Visitors can explore the medieval towers, stroll along the charming old port, visit the famous Aquarium, or relax on the nearby Île de Ré.
  • Île de Ré: Accessible via a bridge from La Rochelle, Île de Ré is a stunning island known for its sandy beaches, charming villages, and picturesque landscapes. Visitors can cycle around the island, visit the Lighthouse of Phare des Baleines, explore the quaint streets of Saint-Martin-de-Ré, or indulge in fresh seafood at the local markets.
  • Marais Poitevin: Located about 40 kilometers inland from Rue Chauvelles, the Marais Poitevin, also known as the Green Venice, is a unique marshland area characterized by its intricate network of canals and lush greenery. Visitors can take a guided boat tour through the canals, observe the rich wildlife, or simply enjoy the tranquility of this natural gem.
  • Rochefort: Situated approximately 40 kilometers south of Rue Chauvelles, Rochefort is a historic town renowned for its maritime heritage. Visitors can explore the Royal Rope Factory, known as Corderie Royale, which produced ropes for the French Navy. The nearby Corderie de l'Arsenal museum offers a glimpse into the town's naval history. Additionally, the Hermione, a replica of the 18th-century frigate, is a major attraction in Rochefort.
  • Fort Boyard: Located off the coast of La Rochelle, Fort Boyard is a famous fortification and television game show set. Although access to the fort itself is restricted, visitors can take boat tours around it, offering panoramic views of the impressive structure. The fort's intriguing history and its association with the TV show make it a fascinating attraction for tourists.
  • Châtelaillon-Plage: Situated around 20 kilometers north of Rue Chauvelles, Châtelaillon-Plage is a charming seaside resort town known for its sandy beaches and Belle Époque architecture. Visitors can relax on the beach, stroll along the promenade, or enjoy water sports activities such as sailing and paddleboarding. The town also hosts various cultural events and festivals throughout the year.
  • Saintes: Located approximately 25 kilometers southeast of Rue Chauvelles, Saintes is a historic town with a rich Roman heritage. Visitors can explore the well-preserved Roman amphitheater, the Arch of Germanicus, and the Saint-Pierre Cathedral. Additionally, the town offers a pleasant atmosphere for wandering through its narrow streets, admiring the architecture, and enjoying the local cuisine. These attractions near Rue Chauvelles offer a diverse range of experiences, from coastal beauty and historic landmarks to natural wonders and cultural sites, ensuring an enjoyable and memorable visit.

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