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La Cassine



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Each room in our home is named after one of our beloved children, creating a warm and inviting family atmosphere. The "Camille" room features a beautiful double canopy bed and a single bed, offering a lovely view of the nearby castle. It also includes a private bathroom with a bathtub for your convenience.

In the "Ninon" room, you will find a comfortable double bed and two single beds, along with a private bathroom.

For those seeking extra space, our "Margot" and "Fanette" rooms are incredibly spacious and can accommodate a double bed and three additional beds. These rooms also come with a private bathroom.

All of our rooms have access to a communal lounge area where you can enjoy billiards, board games, and our extensive library. This space is designed to be friendly and welcoming, just like the reception you can expect from us. We strive to create an atmosphere of delightful encounters and pleasant surprises during your stay.

Description for Gite

Our cozy cottages have a personal touch, each named after one of our beloved children, embodying the warm and welcoming atmosphere of our home. The charming "Timoté" cottage features a comfortable double bed, a sofa bed, and a fully equipped kitchen. For added convenience, a washing machine is available. The cottage also offers a private bathroom and is specially designed to be accessible for individuals with reduced mobility, holding the prestigious Tourism and Handicap label.

On the other hand, our spacious "Tristan" cottage boasts four bedrooms, including the delightful "Timoté" cottage and a lovely lounge area. With a capacity to accommodate up to 20 people, "Tristan" promises a memorable stay for larger groups. Both cottages are designed to provide a friendly and inviting ambiance, reflecting the warm reception and delightful surprises that await you during your visit.


Appréciations pour Gîte La Cassine, Rouessé-vassé:

Review by: LAUNAY, Juil 31 2014 11:52AM
nous étions 26 personnes ce week-end au gîte et nous avons passé un excellent moment grâce à la gentillesse et à la convivialité des propriétaires, au charme du site, aux logements impeccables, avec petits déjeuners gourmands et bio ,dans une région verdoyante, C'est une très bonne adresse pour se reposer et se détendre.

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To reach Sillé le Guillaume, which is roughly in the center of Le Mans, Alencon, and Laval, you can take the following route: Head towards Sillé le Guillaume, passing through Rouessé-Vassé, which is located 5 km from Sillé le Guillaume in the direction of Evron. Just before entering Rouessé-Vassé from Sillé le Guillaume, you will come across The Cassine. From there, continue your journey by walking along the castle, the old dovecote, and the mill until you reach your destination.

Please note that we offer discounts for all travelers who choose to travel on foot, horseback, or bicycle. Alternatively, you can also opt to come by train as there are stations available in both Sillé le Guillaume and Rouessé-Vassé.



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  • Chateau du Lude: Located in Le Lude, approximately 16 km from La Cassine, Chateau du Lude is a magnificent Renaissance castle. Visitors can explore the opulent interiors, stroll through its well-maintained gardens, and learn about the castle's rich history.
  • Zoo de La Fleche: Situated in La Fleche, around 20 km from La Cassine, Zoo de La Fleche is one of the most popular wildlife parks in France. It houses over 1500 animals from various species, including lions, giraffes, and lemurs. The park also offers entertaining shows and educational experiences.
  • Malicorne Espace Faience: Situated in Malicorne-sur-Sarthe, approximately 26 km from La Cassine, Malicorne Espace Faience is a museum dedicated to traditional French pottery. Visitors can admire the exquisite ceramic collections, watch artisans at work, and even try their hand at pottery making.
  • Circuit de la Sarthe: Located in Le Mans, around 34 km from La Cassine, Circuit de la Sarthe is a world-famous motorsport race track. It is best known for hosting the annual 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race. Racing enthusiasts can visit the track, explore the museum, and witness the iconic race.
  • Abbaye de l'Epau: Situated in Yvre-l'Eveque, approximately 36 km from La Cassine, Abbaye de l'Epau is a beautiful Cistercian abbey founded in the 13th century. The abbey boasts stunning architecture, peaceful gardens, and hosts various cultural events and exhibitions throughout the year.
  • Cathedrale Saint-Julien: Located in Le Mans, about 37 km from La Cassine, Cathedrale Saint-Julien is a magnificent Gothic cathedral dating back to the 11th century. It is renowned for its stunning stained glass windows, towering spires, and impressive organ. Visitors can attend mass or take a guided tour.
  • Circuit des 24 Heures: Situated in Le Mans, around 38 km from La Cassine, Circuit des 24 Heures is another iconic race track that hosts the 24 Hours of Le Mans motorcycle race. Visitors can explore the track, visit the museum dedicated to motorsports, and even take a thrilling lap around the track.
  • Musee de Tesse: Located in Le Mans, approximately 38 km from La Cassine, Musee de Tesse is an art museum housed in a beautiful 18th-century mansion. It showcases a diverse collection of paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts from various periods, including works by renowned artists. These attractions offer a range of experiences, from exploring historical landmarks to immersing oneself in wildlife and motorsports.