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Welcome to the owners' house where you will find a spacious guest room called the MOSNAC bedroom. It features a comfortable 160 cm bed and an additional 90 cm bed for a child, with the option to add a baby cot. This room offers a breathtaking view of the valley. The attached bathroom is equipped with a bathtub, washbasin, and toilet, allowing you to enjoy the view while soaking in the tub.

In addition to the main house, the farm also provides two large guest rooms. The Froggies bedroom offers two 90 cm beds and a cherished family heirloom, a rocking crib that has been passed down for four generations. The adjacent bathroom is equipped with a shower, washbasin, and toilet.

The Cows bedroom is another great option, featuring four 90 cm beds that can be arranged according to your preferences. The adjoining spacious bathroom offers a shower, double washbasin, and toilet. Moreover, there is a convenient passage within the bathroom where a baby cot can be placed.

We look forward to welcoming you and ensuring your stay is comfortable and enjoyable in any of our lovely guest rooms.

Description for Gite

Description of the rural lodging: Situated separately from the main house, this charming countryside retreat can accommodate 6 to 8 people comfortably. Offering 130 m² of living space on a single level, it boasts a breathtaking view of the valley.

Inside, you will find a fully equipped dining room and kitchen, perfect for preparing and enjoying meals together. The cozy and inviting living room features a fireplace, providing a warm ambiance on cool evenings. Through the doors and windows, you can admire the picturesque valley view. For those who wish to stay connected, there are modern amenities such as a stereo, TV, and internet access, although the true purpose of this getaway is to escape from everyday worries.

The "Froggies" bedroom offers two 90 cm beds and a charming antique crib that has been in the family for generations, perfect for rocking your baby to sleep. The adjoining bathroom includes a shower, washbasin, and toilet.

The "Cows" bedroom features four 90 cm beds that can be separated or combined according to your needs. The spacious adjoining bathroom includes a shower, double washbasin, and toilet. There is also a passage in the bathroom where a baby bed can be placed.

To access the "Pigs" bedroom, you will use an old wooden staircase that leads to a mezzanine with two 90 cm beds. From the window, you can enjoy the stunning valley view. Additionally, the lower area of the "Pigs" bedroom offers a summer lounge with a view of the swimming pool.


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To access our location, there are several options for transportation:

- By train: A convenient direct train service operates from Paris to Angouleme (Gare de Montparnasse) and Charles de Gaulle Airport. The journey from Montparnasse takes approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes. At Angouleme station, you can find hire cars available, or we can arrange to meet your train and assist you at the station (maximum 6 people). If you are traveling from London, you can take the Eurostar to either Lille or Paris. There are two trains per day in each direction via Lille, requiring only a change of platform. There are more trains via Paris, but this necessitates transferring from Gare du Nord to Montparnasse (allow around 30 minutes if using the Metro, or less but more expensive by taxi).

- By air: Ryanair offers flights to Poitiers and Limoges airports, which can be booked online. Keep an eye out for special deals! Ryanair can also assist you in arranging car rental from the airport. If you are flying to Charles de Gaulle Airport, there are a few direct trains available to Angouleme (see train directions above). Alternatively, a bus service operates from the airport directly to Montparnasse station, where you will find a greater number of train options. The bus journey takes less than an hour.

- By car: Our location is 450 km from Paris, 750 km from Brussels, 90 km from Poitiers, 150 km from Bordeaux, 40 km from Angouleme, 150 km from Royan (Atlantic beach), 60 km from Limoges. We are also conveniently close to the Dordogne (18 km), the Limousin (22 km), and the Vienne (Poitiers, 90 km).



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Swimming Pool


  • Château de La Rochefoucauld: Located in La Rochefoucauld, approximately 10 km from Brassac, this stunning Renaissance castle is known for its unique architecture and beautiful gardens. Visitors can explore the castle's interior, featuring well-preserved rooms, and enjoy a stroll in the picturesque park surrounding it.
  • Angoulême: Situated around 30 km from Brassac, Angoulême is a historic city renowned for its rich architecture and cultural heritage. The city's old town boasts narrow medieval streets, charming squares, and impressive Romanesque and Gothic churches. Art enthusiasts can also visit the International Comics Festival, which takes place annually in January.
  • Circuit des Remparts: Taking place in Angoulême every September, Circuit des Remparts is a thrilling vintage car race that attracts motorsport enthusiasts from around the world. The race takes place on a circuit through the city's narrow streets, providing an exciting spectacle for both locals and visitors.
  • Vallée des Singes: Located in Romagne, approximately 40 km from Brassac, Vallée des Singes is a unique primate park. Spread across 16 hectares of lush greenery, the park is home to various species of monkeys and lemurs. Visitors can observe these fascinating animals in their natural habitats and learn about their conservation.
  • Cognac: Situated around 60 km from Brassac, Cognac is renowned worldwide for its production of the famous French brandy. Visitors can explore the city's historic center, visit distilleries for guided tours and tasting sessions, and learn about the age-old Cognac-making process.
  • Futuroscope: Located in Poitiers, approximately 100 km from Brassac, Futuroscope is a futuristic theme park that offers a unique blend of technology, science, and entertainment. With its 3D and 4D attractions, immersive rides, and multimedia shows, the park provides an unforgettable experience for all ages.
  • Oradour-sur-Glane: Situated around 120 km from Brassac, Oradour-sur-Glane is a haunting World War II memorial village. Preserved as a memorial to the victims of a massacre, the village stands as a powerful reminder of the atrocities of war. Visitors can explore the preserved ruins, visit the museum, and learn about the tragic events that occurred here.
  • La Rochelle: Located approximately 160 km from Brassac, La Rochelle is a picturesque coastal city known for its historic port, impressive medieval architecture, and vibrant atmosphere. Visitors can stroll through the city's charming streets, visit the renowned Aquarium de La Rochelle, and enjoy the lively waterfront. These attractions offer a diverse range of experiences, from exploring historic castles and cities to immersing oneself in nature and culture.

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