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Jacques Bernonville
"La planche Pinçon" 18 rue du 11 novembre


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Multiple bedrooms with an additional shower room or separate shower area.


Appréciations pour "La planche Pinçon ancien lieu-dit ", TELOCHE:

Tellement serviable
Review by: Nadjücka , Aou 27 2022 8:24AM
Jai logé 4 nuits chez Monsieur Jacques! Je recommande ! Monsieur est très bien veillant, la chambre super, le jardin magnifique et le petit déjeuner au top!
Merci beaucoup Monsieur Jacques
Prenez-moi de vous
Review by: Jojo, Juin 17 2017 9:37AM
Super ambiance pour les 24 Heures du Mans dans un cadre superbe et reposant
gite de Jacques bernonville
Review by: Hourcq Nade, Oct 22 2016 10:41AM
cadre superbe ! à 5 km du circuit des 24 h du Mans.accueil chaleureux.

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To get to TOURS from LE MANS, you need to travel approximately 13 km eastwards from LE MANS. Additionally, it is around 7 km away from the 24-hour auto club circuit in the western direction. You can reach TOURS directly via this route.



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  • Château du Lude: Located in Le Lude, about 19 km away from La Planche Pinçon, Château du Lude is a magnificent Renaissance castle. It features beautiful gardens, a moat, and an impressive collection of art and furniture.
  • Zoo de La Flèche: Situated in La Flèche, approximately 21 km from La Planche Pinçon, Zoo de La Flèche is one of the most famous zoos in France. It is home to a wide variety of animals from around the world, including elephants, giraffes, lions, and penguins.
  • Abbaye de Solesmes: Found in Solesmes, around 23 km away from La Planche Pinçon, Abbaye de Solesmes is a stunning Benedictine monastery renowned for its Gregorian chants. Visitors can explore the abbey's architectural beauty and attend religious services.
  • Circuit de la Sarthe: Located in Le Mans, roughly 28 km from La Planche Pinçon, Circuit de la Sarthe is a legendary racetrack famous for hosting the 24 Hours of Le Mans race. Motorsport enthusiasts can visit the circuit, learn about its history, and even drive on parts of the track.
  • Musée de Tessé: Situated in Le Mans, about 30 km away from La Planche Pinçon, Musée de Tessé is an art museum that houses an extensive collection of European paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts. It offers a glimpse into various artistic periods and styles.
  • Cathédrale Saint-Julien du Mans: Found in Le Mans, approximately 31 km from La Planche Pinçon, Cathédrale Saint-Julien du Mans is a magnificent Gothic cathedral. It is known for its stunning stained glass windows, intricate sculptures, and impressive organ.
  • Vieux Mans: Located in the old town of Le Mans, roughly 31 km away from La Planche Pinçon, Vieux Mans is a charming medieval quarter. Visitors can wander through narrow streets, admire half-timbered houses, and explore historical sites like the Plantagenet City.
  • Musée des 24 Heures du Mans: Situated in Le Mans, about 32 km from La Planche Pinçon, Musée des 24 Heures du Mans is a museum dedicated to the history of the 24 Hours of Le Mans race. It showcases iconic race cars, memorabilia, and provides insights into this renowned endurance race.
  • Château de Serrant: Found in Saint-Georges-sur-Loire, roughly 87 km away from La Planche Pinçon, Château de Serrant is a splendid Renaissance castle. It boasts beautiful gardens, opulent interiors, and a vast library with over 12,000 books. 10. Château d'Angers: Located in Angers, approximately 93 km from La Planche Pinçon, Château d'Angers is an imposing medieval fortress. It houses the famous Tapestry of the Apocalypse, a remarkable 14th-century tapestry depicting biblical scenes. These tourist attractions offer a diverse range of experiences, from exploring historical castles and cathedrals to enjoying wildlife encounters and immersing oneself in art and culture.

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