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Pascal Brossard
7 Chemin du Tertre Gatinais
Saint Briac


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To ensure you feel warmly greeted, we offer four double rooms with the option of twin beds (90x200) or double beds (160x200). Each room includes a private bath or shower, and one is specially equipped for disabled individuals. Our room themes include "beach," "boat," "nature," and "sun." Start your day with a delightful breakfast served in the dining room, or if you prefer, bask in the morning sun while enjoying your meal on the lawn just outside your room. Additionally, by making a reservation, you can indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience in our sauna and spa room.

Description for Gite

We are delighted to offer you two cozy cottages, each consisting of two bedrooms, perfect for accommodating up to four people. Our cottages, namely "Cottage Sea" and "Cottage Nature," are thoughtfully furnished with twin beds (90x200) or double beds (160x200), and feature a well-appointed bathroom with a bathtub, a convenient kitchenette equipped with electric plates, a small refrigerator, a microwave, and all the necessary dishes for four individuals. Additionally, there is a dining area where you can enjoy your meals. Please note that breakfast service is not included in the cottages. However, upon reservation, you can indulge in our relaxation room, complete with a sauna and spa facilities.


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4 434 434 24 oui
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2 113 113
Holiday Home 2 200 200


Disabled Access


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