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Carole Soenen
Lieu dit "Au Val"
Saint Jean le Comtal


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Welcome to Château de Camille, located at the entrance of Gers and Gascony's capital. Prepare to be enchanted by the warm hospitality of Carole, Antoine, and their dedicated team, as well as the rich history of this exquisite estate. The château derives its name from Camille de Montlaur d'Escoubès, the 17th-century owner and benefactor of the nearby village of Saint-Jean-le-Comtal.

Nestled within 10 hectares of picturesque landscapes, this little paradise will captivate you with its charming terraces, park, and poolside area, where you can enjoy meals served by our attentive staff. Carole takes pride in her culinary creations, offering a locally inspired and inventive cuisine that evolves with the changing seasons. All dishes are carefully prepared using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Our primary focus is on providing relaxation and fostering a convivial atmosphere, ensuring that your stay with us is truly unforgettable. The contemporary decor tastefully blends with the original stone walls and exposed beams, preserving the château's historic grandeur and timeless ambiance.

Description for Gite

Carole and Antoine extend a warm invitation to experience the charming and beautifully designed bed and breakfast at Château de Camille. Upon traversing the corridor, guests will discover four unique rooms, each representing a different universe - copper, wood, nature, and anthracite.

Whether you seek a delightful getaway or require accommodation for professional purposes, you can select the universe that best suits your needs. It is worth mentioning that our rooms are highly sought after for wedding nights, offering an enchanting setting for your special occasion.

Start your day with a delectable breakfast, which can be served in the room or enjoyed directly in the dining area or on the terrace overlooking the restaurant. Additionally, our guests have access to a refreshing swimming pool for their relaxation and leisure.

Rest assured, all of our rooms are equipped with modern amenities, including internet connection, air conditioning, and TV. A coffee maker and kettle are also provided for your convenience.

For families traveling together, we offer two connecting rooms - wood and anthracite. We are delighted to cater to your needs, including providing necessary amenities for your little ones. Furthermore, children under three years old stay with us free of charge.

We eagerly await the opportunity to welcome you to Château de Camille and ensure a truly memorable stay.


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Le Château de Camille can be found in the quaint village of Saint-Jean-Le-Comtal, which is situated 8km away from Auch in the direction of Tarbes.



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