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6 Rue des Marais Brules
Souppes Sur Loing


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Welcome to our stunning property located in the heart of Seine and Marne, just a stone's throw away from Loiret. Whether you're looking for a brief escape or an extended getaway, our enchanting establishment promises a refreshing change of scenery. Our five exquisitely designed guest rooms, awarded a 3-star classification, are at your disposal throughout the year, offering a personalized experience tailored to your needs. Additionally, we take pleasure in inviting you to join us for delectable meals at our charming communal dining tables. For those seeking a venue to celebrate special occasions with loved ones, our house boasts a magnificent banquet hall. Complete with a picturesque pergola granting access to our beautiful garden, it is the perfect setting for hosting unforgettable receptions.


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To access PARIS from the A6 motorway heading towards Lyon, take the exit towards NEMOURS NEVERS MONTARGIS after passing the A77. At the toll booth in Dordives, stay on the right and take exit 17 towards Souppes sur Loing MONTARGIS Dordives. When you reach the roundabout, go straight into the forest. Follow the road until you reach the hamlet of CHAMPS TIMBER. At the stop sign, turn right and our house will be the third one on your left.



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