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Michel Fitamant
Kroas Ar Gorreg


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This is a classified holiday house in PLEYBEN, Finistère, suitable for 2 to 4 people. The house is in excellent condition and situated in a beautiful flower-filled setting. It is an ideal location for exploring and discovering the great sights, the sea, mountains, festivals, and heritage. Pleyben is a charming little town known for its stunning church and calvary, often referred to as the most beautiful in Brittany. It is also the southern gateway to the Armorique and Monts d'Arrée Natural Park, bordering the Alder. Pleyben is famous for its cakes, chocolate, and regional products.

The house offers all the necessary comforts and features 3 bedrooms, a living room, an equipped kitchen, a bathroom, a laundry room, and a garage. Additionally, it is equipped with a washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, electric oven, fridge, fridge freezer, independent hydro massage cabin, central heating, free WiFi, telephone, garden furniture, barbecue, and more.

Prices range from 250 to 280 for all periods and from 380 to 430 per week during July and August, depending on the number of people. Charges are included, but heating is not.


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  • Église Saint-Germain-de-Loqueffret: Located in Loqueffret, this beautiful church dates back to the 16th century and is known for its impressive architecture and historical significance.
  • Le Faou: A charming town situated on the banks of the Aulne River, Le Faou offers picturesque views, quaint streets, and historical landmarks such as the Church of Saint-Sauveur and the Chapel of Sainte-Barbe.
  • Menez-Hom: This mountain in the Crozon Peninsula offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, including the Bay of Douarnenez and the Monts d'Arrée. It is a popular spot for hiking and outdoor activities.
  • Château de Trevarez: Located near Saint-Goazec, this magnificent castle is surrounded by beautiful gardens and parkland. Visitors can explore the historic interiors, enjoy the manicured gardens, and learn about its fascinating history.
  • Parc Naturel Régional d'Armorique: This regional nature park covers a vast area of rugged landscapes, forests, and coastline. Visitors can enjoy hiking, cycling, and birdwatching while immersing themselves in the natural beauty of the region.
  • Abbaye de Daoulas: This ancient abbey, located in Daoulas, features stunning gardens, medieval ruins, and a unique collection of medicinal plants. The abbey also hosts various cultural events and exhibitions.
  • Ménez Drégan: Situated near Châteaulin, Ménez Drégan is a nature reserve known for its rich biodiversity. It offers numerous walking trails, allowing visitors to discover a variety of plant and animal species, including rare orchids.
  • Châteaulin: This charming town is nestled on the banks of the Aulne River and is known for its medieval heritage. Visitors can explore its historic streets, visit the ruins of Château de Châteaulin, and enjoy the riverside promenade.
  • Ménez-Hom Menhirs: Located near Plomodiern, this collection of standing stones is shrouded in mystery and dates back to the Neolithic period. Visitors can explore the site and admire these ancient monuments. 10. Parc Aquanature: Situated in Spézet, this nature park offers a unique blend of water and nature. Visitors can enjoy walking trails, birdwatching, and various water activities such as canoeing or fishing in the surrounding lakes and rivers.