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Doriane Chagot Mansuy
Lieu Dit Le Rocher
Blaison Saint Sulpice


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Located in the charming hamlet of Le Rocher, Maison Septembre is nestled in the heart of the picturesque Loire Valley. Comprising three historic buildings, each showcasing the region's distinctive architecture and materials, this former farmhouse has been thoughtfully transformed into a summertime retreat. Carefully renovated to ensure an exquisite blend of the guest house and Dorianes vegetable dyeing workshop, Maison Septembre strikes the perfect balance between communal spaces and private sanctuaries.

The garden, cleverly protected by the surrounding buildings, has been meticulously designed to provide intimate semi-private areas in front of each room, as well as a communal square vegetable garden. While incorporating modern improvements, the garden retains its original charm, with a profusion of blooming roses that grace the landscape from spring through autumn. This serene oasis provides an idyllic setting for enjoying a sunny breakfast, exploring the array of dye plants, or stargazing as twilight descends.

Every aspect of Maison Septembre has been carefully curated to create a warm, inviting, and comfortable environment, making it the perfect pied-à-terre for a tranquil escape to the magnificent Loire Valley.

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Experience a comfortable and cozy stay at Maison Septembre, where our rooms have been thoughtfully designed for your utmost satisfaction. Each room features its own separate entrance, a charming garden terrace, and a private bathroom or shower room.

Our accommodation options include the small Loire suite, perfect for 2 to 3 people. This suite boasts a spacious 15 m2 bedroom, a cozy 9 m2 lounge, and a shower room adorned with traditional floor tiles. Set in a separate building, guests will enjoy direct access to a delightful small garden.

For a serene retreat, the Aubance room is ideal for 2 guests and even provides a baby bed. Located on the ground floor of the house, this room offers a tranquil ambiance with its captivating view of the small garden and square vegetable patch. Rest easy on the comfortable 180x200 cm bed.


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