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Virginie Roussellot
13 Rue De Beaulieu
La Gripperie Saint Symphorien



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Situated in the heart of a Natura 2000 area, this delightful caravan offers an authentic and refreshing experience. From the comfort of your terrace, you can indulge in a picturesque panoramic view of the Broue tower, the Brouage marsh, Hiers Brouage city, the Marennes bell tower, and even witness storks on their nests during breakfast or meals.

Handcrafted with care, this unique accommodation is constructed from solid wood and boasts reinforced insulation for year-round comfort. Whether it's January or December, you can take advantage of the nearby sea and the indoor heated swimming pool. This charming cottage can accommodate up to three people (with an additional charge).

Prepare for unforgettable moments as you immerse yourself in the tranquil atmosphere of the orchard and coastal marsh. As the night falls, the mesmerizing sight of the sea, the island of Oléron, and the lighthouses on the island of Aix and Port des Barques will unveil themselves on the horizon.

For added convenience, the option of on-site meal delivery by an Italian caterer and soothing massages by a professional are also available.

Description for Gite

This charming wooden caravan offers convenient amenities including a microwave, toaster, coffee machine, fridge, and kettle. Guests can take delight in the terrace, perfect for enjoying a serene outdoor space.

Additionally, guests have access to a heated indoor pool, providing an ideal spot for relaxation and recreation.

For those who enjoy outdoor cooking, barbecue facilities are available, and a peaceful garden area invites guests to unwind and soak up the surrounding tranquility.


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Heading south from La Rochelle and Rochefort, you will find yourself on the road to Royan and the enchanting island of Oléron. Nestled in this picturesque region lies the charming village of La Gripperie Saint Symphorien, which serves as an ideal base for exploring the nearby islands, the magnificent Gironde estuary, and the historic Romanesque region of Saintonge, home to the town of Saintes.



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Swimming Pool


  • La Rochelle (25 km): A beautiful coastal city known for its historic architecture, vibrant marina, and picturesque old port. Explore the historic city center, visit the stunning aquarium, or take a boat trip to the nearby islands.
  • Fort Boyard (31 km): A famous fortress located on a small island between Île d'Aix and the Île d'Oléron. Known for its appearance in the TV show of the same name, the fort is an impressive sight to behold and can be visited by boat.
  • Île d'Aix (34 km): A small, car-free island with charming streets and beaches. Explore the island by foot or bicycle, visit the Napoleon Museum, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.
  • Saintes (35 km): A historic town famous for its Roman ruins, including the impressive Arch of Germanicus and the Amphitheatre. Discover the charming old town, stroll along the Charente River, or visit the Abbaye aux Dames.
  • Rochefort (40 km): A town known for its maritime heritage and historic naval shipyard. Visit the Corderie Royale, a former rope factory turned museum, or explore the replica of the frigate Hermione, which played a crucial role during the American Revolutionary War.
  • Cognac (58 km): The birthplace of the world-renowned brandy, Cognac offers distillery tours and tastings. Visit famous Cognac houses like Hennessy, Martell, or Rémy Martin, and learn about the history and production of this iconic spirit.
  • Royan (59 km): A coastal resort town with beautiful sandy beaches, a lively marina, and impressive post-war architecture. Enjoy a relaxing day at the beach, visit the Notre-Dame church, or take a ferry to the Cordouan Lighthouse.
  • Île de Ré (64 km): A charming island known for its picturesque villages, sandy beaches, and cycling paths. Explore the island's quaint towns, visit the Phare des Baleines lighthouse, or indulge in delicious seafood.
  • Bordeaux (135 km): A world-famous wine capital with stunning architecture, vibrant cultural scene, and renowned vineyards. Discover the historic city center, visit the Cité du Vin wine museum, or take a wine tour to explore the nearby vineyards. 10. Futuroscope (166 km): A unique theme park near Poitiers featuring futuristic and immersive attractions. Enjoy 3D and 4D shows, virtual reality experiences, and thrilling rides that cater to all ages. Please note that distances are approximate and may vary depending on the route taken. It is recommended to double-check the opening hours and availability of attractions before planning your visit.