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Régine Couderc
1421 Chemin de Guiran
Sollies Toucas


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This description offers accommodation for either two or four individuals, featuring a direct entrance to a spacious 30 m2 south-facing private terrace with stunning views of the hills and swimming pool. Additionally, it includes a generously sized bathroom and a private toilet. Private parking and access to a beautiful garden are also provided.

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To reach Toulon, take the road indicated by the signs for A57 NICE. Once on A57, proceed until reaching Release No. 7, where you will exit onto The Terrine road. Then, continue on The Terrine road towards Sollies Toucas and follow the signs leading to Saint Maximin on D554.



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1 110 140 OUI
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Swimming Pool


  • Le Castellet Village: Located about 10 kilometers away, Le Castellet is a charming medieval village known for its narrow streets, ancient buildings, and beautiful views. Visitors can explore its picturesque squares, visit art galleries, and enjoy traditional Provençal cuisine in local restaurants.
  • Toulon: Situated approximately 13 kilometers from Sollies Toucas, Toulon is a vibrant coastal city. It offers a mix of historical and modern attractions, including the old town with its picturesque squares, the scenic harbor, and the Naval Museum showcasing maritime history. Visitors can also relax on the sandy beaches or take a boat trip to the nearby islands.
  • Mont Faron: Rising above Toulon, Mont Faron is a mountain offering breathtaking views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea. It can be reached by cable car, and once at the top, visitors can explore the military fortifications, visit the zoo, or simply enjoy the panoramic vistas.
  • Hyères: Located around 20 kilometers away, Hyères is a historic town famous for its palm trees and beautiful beaches. Visitors can wander through its medieval old town, visit the 12th-century castle, or explore the exotic gardens of Villa Noailles. The nearby Golden Islands, including Porquerolles, Port-Cros, and Île du Levant, are also popular attractions.
  • Giens Peninsula: Situated near Hyères, the Giens Peninsula is a stunning natural area known for its crystal-clear waters and sandy beaches. It is perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, snorkeling, and windsurfing. Visitors can also explore the picturesque fishing village of La Madrague and enjoy fresh seafood in local restaurants.
  • Saint-Tropez: Located approximately 60 kilometers from Sollies Toucas, Saint-Tropez is a glamorous coastal town renowned for its luxurious lifestyle and vibrant nightlife. Visitors can stroll along the famous port, visit the Citadel, relax on the stunning beaches, or explore the narrow streets filled with high-end boutiques and trendy cafés.
  • Cassis: Situated about 90 kilometers away, Cassis is a charming fishing village nestled between dramatic cliffs and the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. Known for its scenic Calanques National Park, visitors can take boat tours to explore the stunning limestone cliffs, swim in secluded coves, or enjoy a leisurely stroll along the charming harbor.
  • Marseille: Located approximately 75 kilometers from Sollies Toucas, Marseille is France's second-largest city and offers a rich cultural and historical heritage. Visitors can explore the vibrant Vieux Port, visit the iconic Notre-Dame de la Garde basilica, wander through the historic Le Panier neighborhood, or enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine in local restaurants.
  • Aix-en-Provence: Situated around 70 kilometers away, Aix-en-Provence is a picturesque city known for its elegant architecture, charming streets, and artistic legacy. Visitors can explore the Cours Mirabeau, visit the famous Atelier Cézanne, or simply relax in one of the many beautiful squares adorned with fountains and cafes. 10. Calanques National Park: Located between Marseille and Cassis, the Calanques National Park is a stunning natural area consisting of limestone cliffs, hidden beaches, and crystal-clear waters. Visitors can hike along the numerous trails, go rock climbing, or take boat tours to discover the breathtaking beauty of this protected area.