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André Raphael
Residence des pistes, Batiment Monthoisey


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This apartment is located on the raised ground floor and offers a comfortable living space. It features a well-appointed bedroom, a spacious living room, a modern bathroom with a separate WC, and a cellar for storage. Additionally, there is a convenient ski locker for all your winter gear and a balcony where you can relax and enjoy the surrounding views.


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To get there by car, take the A40 motorway and exit at 9 for Sylans-St. Germain de Joux and Menthières. Then, take the A6-A39 and exit at 7. Finally, follow the RN5 to Poligny. If you prefer to travel by plane, the Geneva-Cointrin airport is approximately 30 km away.



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  • Lelex Monts-Jura Ski Resort: Located right in Lelex, this ski resort offers a variety of slopes for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Mont Blanc massif while indulging in winter sports activities.
  • Haut-Jura Regional Natural Park: Situated near Lelex, this natural park is known for its stunning landscapes, lush forests, and diverse wildlife. Visitors can explore hiking trails, observe rare bird species, and immerse themselves in the tranquility of nature.
  • Lac de Nantua: Just a short drive from Lelex, Lac de Nantua is a picturesque lake surrounded by beautiful mountains. It offers various water activities such as swimming, boating, and fishing. Take a leisurely stroll along the lake's promenade and savor the serene atmosphere.
  • Caves of Cerdon: Located in the village of Cerdon, these underground caves are known for their unique geological formations and sparkling wines. Take a guided tour to discover the fascinating history of the caves and enjoy wine tastings of the local Cerdon sparkling wine.
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  • Gorges du Fier: Located near Annecy, this impressive natural gorge offers an exciting walkway attached to the cliffs. Traverse the narrow pathway and witness the stunning rock formations carved by the river over thousands of years. 10. La Grotte de la Balme: Situated in La Balme-les-Grottes, this fascinating cave system is a hidden gem. Take a guided tour to explore the underground chambers, stalactites, and stalagmites, and learn about the cave's geological history. These attractions near Residence des pistes in Lelex provide a blend of outdoor activities, cultural experiences, and natural wonders, ensuring a memorable visit to the area.