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Ghislaine Carion
Lieu Dit Arpentian


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Ghislaine and Eric warmly welcome you to their charming B&B, a historic presbytery built in 1764. This stone building, complete with a picturesque dovecote, will capture your attention with its stunning alley of cedar trees. Eric recently renovated this characterful presbytery, preserving its authentic Gascony charm by using traditional materials. Your spacious and bright room is thoughtfully furnished to ensure peaceful nights. The room seamlessly blends old-world charm with modern comforts, offering a cozy retreat with a large 160/200 cm bed. The SUITE bedroom features a 160/200 cm bed for two people, two 90/200 cm beds for the third and fourth guests, and a sofa bed for a potential fifth or sixth guest. Each room has a private bathroom with a basin, shower, and toilet. We can provide a folding cot and high chair upon request.

We change our sheets and towels at least twice a week to ensure your comfort. Start your day on our sunny terrace, where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast made with locally sourced products that we carefully select. Our guest house is set in a delightful environment, surrounded by a four-hectare wooded park that offers breathtaking views of the gentle Gers hills. Relax and soak up the sun by our inviting swimming pool, which provides a tranquil space for rest and relaxation.

At "Arpentian," your only neighbors are deer and squirrels, frolicking in fields of sunflowers, wheat, and rapeseed. We have preserved the authenticity of this place, with its ancient boxwood and magnificent cedar tree over 250 years old, providing shade for moments of relaxation. We also offer a TV library lounge area for further relaxation. Brochures are available, providing information on a multitude of entertaining activities in the region, including horse riding, fishing, golf, hiking, canoeing, water parks, lakes, boat trips, wine tasting, castles, markets, and restaurants.


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To reach the place called Arpentian, located at Route de Vic-Fezensac in Jegun with the postal code 32360, follow these travel directions:



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Swimming Pool


  • Château de Lavardens: Located approximately 15 kilometers from Jegun, Château de Lavardens is a stunning medieval fortress that offers visitors a glimpse into the region's rich history. Explore the well-preserved castle, admire the views from its ramparts, and discover the various art exhibitions housed within its walls.
  • Auch Cathedral: Situated around 20 kilometers from Jegun in the town of Auch, Auch Cathedral is an impressive Gothic structure that dominates the city's skyline. This architectural masterpiece features beautiful stained glass windows, towering spires, and intricate stone carvings. Step inside to experience the cathedral's serene atmosphere and marvel at its grandeur.
  • Abbaye de Flaran: Located roughly 30 kilometers from Jegun, Abbaye de Flaran is a former Cistercian monastery turned art and culture center. Explore the well-preserved abbey, stroll through the surrounding gardens, and discover the extensive art collection displayed within its walls. The abbey also hosts temporary exhibitions, concerts, and other cultural events throughout the year.
  • La Romieu: Situated approximately 45 kilometers from Jegun, La Romieu is a charming medieval village known for its picturesque streets and the Collégiale Saint-Pierre, a magnificent gothic church. Explore the village's cobblestone lanes, visit the church's famous cat sculptures, and enjoy the tranquil ambiance of this historic place.
  • Marciac: Located around 45 kilometers from Jegun, Marciac is a vibrant town renowned for its annual Jazz in Marciac Festival. If you visit during the festival, you can enjoy world-class jazz performances by renowned artists. Outside of the festival season, explore the town's charming streets, visit the Saint-Pierre Church, and discover the local shops and cafes.
  • Lectoure: Situated approximately 50 kilometers from Jegun, Lectoure is a picturesque town known for its thermal baths and rich heritage. Explore the ancient Roman ruins, visit the stunning Cathedral Saint-Gervais, and relax in the town's thermal spa, where you can indulge in wellness treatments and enjoy the healing properties of the local thermal waters.
  • Larressingle: Located around 55 kilometers from Jegun, Larressingle is a fortified village often referred to as "Little Carcassonne." Encircled by medieval walls, this small village exudes charm and history. Explore the narrow streets, visit the 13th-century fortress, and take in the panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. These are just a few of the many tourist attractions near Jegun, offering a mix of history, culture, and natural beauty.