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Samson Philippe
14 Route de Vicq
St Pierre De Maille


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Situated within a 1940s house, the first and second floors are home to five exquisite guest rooms. These rooms boast a blend of English and American architectural influences, showcasing a proud and distinct character. On the first floor, a rounded stern reminiscent of a boat adds a unique touch, while the generously sized sash windows exhibit a charm typical of the era and locale. The shutters and wooden rocking chairs further enhance the ambiance, with a fully preserved oak staircase adding a touch of elegance that has withstood the test of time. All of these delightful details have been carefully restored by skilled local artisans, reflecting a deep appreciation for the craftsmanship of yesteryears.

Description for Gite


If you are planning a family reunion or a gathering with a group of close friends and are in need of spacious accommodations, look no further. The Distillery is an exceptional venue that offers a unique blend of originality and tranquility. Our loft living room, located on the ground floor, spans an impressive 60m2 and overlooks a charming terrace. The room features a large glass door with beautiful ironwork, reminiscent of Art Nouveau.

For those seeking a more communal experience, we have "The Dorm" on the first floor. This area is designed with dormitory-style beds, each measuring 0.90m wide. As you walk down the corridor leading to "The Dorm", you'll notice a captivating mural painted by talented artists Corinne and Celine. The walls are adorned with exquisite frescoes and delicate butterflies, creating an ambiance that will surely contribute to a peaceful night's sleep. Additionally, two toilet blocks are conveniently situated, offering four showers and three toilets for your comfort and convenience.

Whether you are a business in search of a venue for seminars or training sessions, or a working group looking for a private space to focus on an internship, The Distillery is the perfect choice. Come and experience our extraordinary accommodations and enjoy the combination of originality and tranquility that we offer.'


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Review by: guichard brice, Avr 29 2011 12:28PM
bien bien mais il y à une faute dans la rubrique itinéraire,chatellerault,comment fait on pour avoir le programe des soirées?bises à vous

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St. Pierre de Maille is situated between Poitiers and Chatelraud, in close proximity to the medieval city of Angles sur l'Anglin.



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