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Jedy Bergman et Damien Maillet
Rue du Quesny


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Welcome to our charming Bed and Breakfast in Picardy, nestled near the Champagne region. Jedy and Damien are delighted to extend a warm welcome to their authentic 18th century Manor-House, set amidst a beautiful wooded park spanning 5 hectares and offering stunning views of the Oise valley. Inside, you will find comfortable rooms with a sitting area, Wifi, and satellite TV. The bathrooms are equipped with showers, toilets, and balneo baths. Prices range from 80 to 100 euros per night, breakfast included.

Start your day with an international breakfast served in the winter garden during springtime, on the terrace in summer, and in the dining room near the kitchen in front of a cozy fireplace during autumn and winter.

In the evenings, Damien, an experienced chef from qualified restaurants, offers a different Menu des Gourmets featuring seasonal suggestions. The menu includes an appetizer, main course, cheese, dessert, 1/2 bottle of wine, and coffee or tea, all for the price of 42.50 euros per person. Indulge in our elaborate and delicious cuisine, served in the dining room or on the terrace as you enjoy the breathtaking sunset.

Domaine Le Parc is the perfect peaceful retreat for a one-night getaway or an extended stay.


Appréciations pour Domaine Le Parc, Danizy:

Very convenient bed and breakfast
Review by: Zimatis, Avr 30 2018 6:16PM
We received a great welcome from Jedy and Damien.
The room was large, clean and nice decorate. We enjoy also a lovely meal in the dinning room with great wine.
It's our first visit but we will come back soon.
Thank you

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To reach your destination, located between St.Quentin and Laon, you need to take exit n°12 on A 26. Once you exit, proceed towards the village of Danizy and take the second street on your right.



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Notes: Large, quiet bedroom, warm decorate, comfortable large beds, airconditioning, sitting area and quiet. Private bathroom with shower, toilet and balneo bath. Wifi and TV with European channels.




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