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Monier Christine
41 Rue Du Quai
Le Caylar


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Christine & Richard Monier you booked three cottages in a serene and restful, quiet waiting for a bed and breakfast in Caylar on the Larzac plateau.

Our house, completely restored in the purest tradition caussenarde, is dated about the 14th century. It was built below the Roc Castel, built mostly with stones that made up the castle.

Its authenticity has been meticulously preserved. Witness, the vaulted room (an old barn) and fireplace, located on the ground floor, we are restoring gradually over the years.

The Caylar, and in general the Larzac Southerner, is conducive to hiking, mountain biking and outdoor sports. Essential site to visit, Cirque de Navacelles offers you the opportunity to hike and picnic with your family along the river Vis.

The purity of our landscapes will enchant you. Other valuable information for your holidays are available here

We now offer you to discover wines representative of three wines from around Larzac around a small dish of Saint-Jacques, seared foie gras served on toast, cold meats and cheeses in the area, including our homemade terrines. Without any oenological training, our approach is purely focused on the discovery and the pleasure of tasting fine wines.

We await you at your next step cultural, gastronomic, sports or even for your "stage ride" on the plateau of Larzac Southerner.

Your visit is appreciated and expected.

The assurance of successful family vacation or a break to enjoy a night or two ... in guest rooms at Caylar.



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The Caylar is directly accessible by the A75 "The Meridian", exit 49: Caylar. Our guest rooms are located behind the square known as the "tree sculpture." An entry of our house is 41 rue du Quai, reported by the Gites de France logo affixed to a wrought iron gate depicting a sun (the windows above the door are not in our house ...). You can park at your leisure safe in the car park of the village square.



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