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Laurence Charlier
4 Rue de Rosbigot


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"Experience the perfect combination of comfort and convenience with our 'Meal Dizzy' package. Enjoy a relaxing stay in our spacious 150-bed accommodation, complete with a well-appointed bathroom featuring a toilet."

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Welcome to "Sardines with Blue Eyes" - a charming accommodation that offers a cozy bedroom equipped with a comfortable 160cm bed and an additional 90cm bed. The accommodation also features a well-appointed bathroom complete with a toilet. Located on the first floor, this bedroom promises a delightful stay for guests.


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Attention travelers to Hull:
We have available accommodations with a room consisting of a double bed (160cm) and a single bed (90cm), along with a bathroom equipped with a toilet. The room is located on the second floor.



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extra bed
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1 67 84 oui
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3 67 84 16 oui
Holiday Home 5 260 550 non




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