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Remblier Françoise
6 allée Marie et Pierre Curie


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This ground floor studio is situated in a peaceful residential area on the outskirts of the city, just a short distance from the town center. It is conveniently located only 1400 meters from the town hall and the bustling pedestrian shopping streets, as well as being 1000 meters from the Leclerc shopping center and Grand Large.

The studio is fully equipped with a kitchenette, including a table, folding table, cupboards, electric cooker with oven, fridge-freezer, washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, coffee maker, electric kettle, electric toaster, mixer, balance, household vacuum cleaner, iron and ironing board, and drying rack. All necessary kitchenware is also provided.

There is a comfortable seating area with a sofa bed that sleeps two (140), along with two stools, a coffee table, and a TNT television for entertainment. Internet access is available through the "wifi access visitors" function, provided by the orange hotspot network.

Additionally, there is a dining area with a table and six chairs, cupboards, a bar area with a shelf and bar stools, and a bedroom with a double bed (140), complete with bedside tables and a wardrobe. The bathroom features a shower and sink, and there is a toilet within the bathroom.

Pets are welcome in the studio at no extra cost. Outside, there is a garden area with furniture and a charcoal barbecue, perfect for enjoying the outdoors. Free parking is available in the courtyard in front of the studio.

The studio is conveniently located near various amenities and attractions, including the hospital, the exhibition center "The Arena," the university campus, the train station (2km on foot or 3km by car), boulevards, and the Blossac Park. The town center, including the town hall, is only 1400 meters away, and the Leclerc shopping center is just 1000 meters away.


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Animals Allowed


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