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Monique Glorieux
8 Allée du Parc


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Located in a picturesque setting between the Canal du Midi and the Montagne Noire, this grand 17th-century mansion was originally built for wine-growers. Surrounded by expansive and lush grounds, the residence boasts four beautifully furnished bedrooms that exude tranquility and calmness. Guests have the option to indulge in a delightful breakfast served by the cozy fireplace in the dining room, or by the pool or on the rooftop terrace. Each room offers stunning views of the majestic Pyrénées and a large array of different species of beautiful trees. Additionally, guests can relax and unwind in the serene pearl grey living room, while children can enjoy their own special library located on the top floor of the house.


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When you reach the roundabout in Moussoulens, take the exit towards Alzonne and continue straight through the village until you come across the war memorial. Take a left turn at the memorial and you will find La Rougeanne as the third gate on the left. Once you arrive, enter through the gate and proceed to park your vehicle.



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3 140 160 30 oui


Swimming Pool


  • Carcassonne Medieval City: Located just 10 kilometers from Moussoulens, Carcassonne Medieval City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most well-preserved fortified towns in Europe. Explore the ancient ramparts, picturesque cobblestone streets, and impressive medieval architecture.
  • Canal du Midi: Stretching through the region, the Canal du Midi is a historic waterway connecting the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean. Take a leisurely boat cruise or enjoy a scenic walk or bike ride along its banks, admiring the beautiful landscapes and charming villages.
  • Château de Lastours: Situated in the village of Lastours, approximately 20 kilometers from Moussoulens, this medieval castle complex offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. Explore the ruins of four castles perched atop the rocky hills, and learn about their fascinating history.
  • Abbaye de Saint-Papoul: Located in the village of Saint-Papoul, about 25 kilometers away, this former Benedictine abbey is a magnificent example of Romanesque architecture. Marvel at the intricate stone carvings, visit the museum housed within the abbey, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the surrounding gardens.
  • Lac de la Cavayère: Situated just outside of Carcassonne, this scenic lake offers various recreational activities. Relax on the sandy beach, swim in the crystal-clear water, rent a paddleboat or kayak, or explore the surrounding pine forests on hiking trails.
  • Limoux: Known for its sparkling wine, Blanquette de Limoux, the town of Limoux is approximately 25 kilometers from Moussoulens. Visit the local wineries for tastings, wander through the charming streets lined with medieval houses, and experience the lively atmosphere during the annual Carnaval de Limoux.
  • Castelnaudary: Located about 30 kilometers southwest of Moussoulens, Castelnaudary is famous for its traditional dish, cassoulet. Explore the town's historic center, visit the Grand Bassin, a picturesque canal harbor, and indulge in a delicious cassoulet meal at one of the local restaurants.
  • Narbonne: Situated around 40 kilometers from Moussoulens, Narbonne is a historic city with a rich Roman heritage. Discover the impressive Narbonne Cathedral, explore the archaeological museum showcasing Roman artifacts, and stroll along the Canal de la Robine, lined with beautiful medieval buildings. These attractions offer a range of historical, cultural, and natural experiences, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty and charm of the region surrounding Moussoulens, France.

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