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Bourgeois Nicole
41 Bis Rue De La Rive
Le Faou


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  • La Récré des Trois Curés: Located in Milizac, around 25 km from Le Faou, La Récré des Trois Curés is a popular amusement park featuring thrilling rides, water attractions, and various shows. It offers entertainment for visitors of all ages.
  • Oceanopolis: Situated in Brest, approximately 30 km from Le Faou, Oceanopolis is a renowned ocean discovery park. It consists of three pavilions dedicated to different marine ecosystems, showcasing a wide range of marine species and offering educational exhibits and interactive displays.
  • Brest Castle: Located in the city of Brest, about 25 km from Le Faou, Brest Castle is an imposing fortress that dates back to the 13th century. Visitors can explore its ramparts, towers, and underground passages while enjoying panoramic views of the city and the harbor.
  • Le Faou Old Town: The town of Le Faou itself has a charming historic center with well-preserved medieval houses and narrow streets. Visitors can wander through the picturesque town, admire the half-timbered buildings, and visit the Church of Saint-Sauveur, a beautiful Gothic-style church.
  • Menez-Hom: Situated just a few kilometers from Le Faou, Menez-Hom is a prominent hill offering breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, the Crozon Peninsula, and the Bay of Douarnenez. It's a popular spot for hiking, paragliding, and enjoying the scenic beauty of the area.
  • Le Faou Market: Every Saturday morning, Le Faou holds a lively market where visitors can explore stalls selling fresh local produce, regional specialties, crafts, and more. It's a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and taste some delicious Breton treats.
  • Pointe de Pen-Hir: Located on the Crozon Peninsula, approximately 30 km from Le Faou, Pointe de Pen-Hir is a stunning coastal viewpoint with dramatic cliffs and breathtaking scenery. Visitors can enjoy scenic walks along the cliffs, observe the crashing waves, and appreciate the natural beauty of the area.
  • Daoulas Abbey: Situated in Daoulas, around 17 km from Le Faou, Daoulas Abbey is a former monastery founded in the 12th century. The abbey features beautiful gardens, a medicinal herb garden, and hosts various cultural events and exhibitions throughout the year.
  • Vauban Tower: Located in Camaret-sur-Mer, roughly 25 km from Le Faou, Vauban Tower is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a fortified tower built by Vauban in the 17th century. Visitors can explore the tower, learn about its history, and enjoy panoramic views of the harbor and the Atlantic Ocean. 10. Iroise Marine Nature Park: Situated along the coast of western Brittany, the Iroise Marine Nature Park offers a diverse marine ecosystem with rich biodiversity. Visitors can go on boat trips, observe marine wildlife, and explore the beautiful islands and rocky shores within the park.

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