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Dominique Renouf
Quai Des Gabarres


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Appréciations pour coche solaire, Casseneuil:

Navigation solaire sur le Lot depuis Casseneuil
Review by: Aime38, Dec 8 2018 5:41PM
Magnifique séjour assorti de navigation silencieuse à bord du Kévin, péniche solaire exemplaire, sur le Lot au départ de Casseneuil. Au marché des producteurs nous avons pu déguster un vin du Tsar, la région est magnifique.

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The management agency is located on Villeneuve lot, which is situated 107 km away from Toulouse and 130 km away from Bordeaux along the highway.



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2 150 250 950 2050
Holiday Home 1 100 300 450 1500 NON


Swimming Pool
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  • Château de Bonaguil: Located in Saint-Front-sur-Lémance, approximately 30 kilometers from Casseneuil, Château de Bonaguil is a remarkable medieval fortress. It offers stunning architecture, panoramic views, and guided tours that delve into the castle's intriguing history.
  • Parc-en-Ciel: Situated in Lacapelle-Biron, around 18 kilometers from Casseneuil, Parc-en-Ciel is an adventure park nestled in a forest. It features numerous treetop courses with zip lines, rope bridges, and other challenges, making it a fun-filled attraction for both children and adults.
  • Musée Bernard Palissy: Located in Saint-Avit, approximately 27 kilometers from Casseneuil, this museum is dedicated to the works of Bernard Palissy, a renowned 16th-century potter. Visitors can explore a collection of Palissy ceramics and learn about his innovative techniques through interactive displays and exhibitions.
  • Château de Duras: Situated in the town of Duras, around 24 kilometers from Casseneuil, Château de Duras is a magnificent castle with a rich history. It offers guided tours that allow visitors to explore its grand interior, admire the stunning gardens, and discover various exhibits showcasing the castle's past.
  • Bastide de Monflanquin: Located approximately 40 kilometers from Casseneuil, the Bastide de Monflanquin is a picturesque medieval village perched on a hilltop. Visitors can wander through its narrow streets, admire the well-preserved architecture, and enjoy the charming ambiance of this historic site.
  • Ecomusée de la Noix: Situated in Castelnaud-de-Gratecambe, around 13 kilometers from Casseneuil, Ecomusée de la Noix is a museum dedicated to the walnut industry. Visitors can learn about the history, cultivation, and processing of walnuts through informative exhibits, tastings, and demonstrations.
  • Musée et Jardins de la Bouriane: Located in Salviac, approximately 80 kilometers from Casseneuil, this museum and garden complex showcases the cultural heritage of the Bouriane region. It features an extensive collection of artifacts, artworks, and beautifully landscaped gardens where visitors can relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. These attractions offer a diverse range of experiences, from exploring medieval castles and villages to learning about local industries and enjoying outdoor adventures.

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