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Introducing the "Catalpa" Gite, also known as the "Indian Bean Tree" Gite. This enchanting retreat, an extension of a charming little chateau, is accessed through a vibrant and romantic garden. Step inside to discover rooms adorned with warm hues, boasting beams that have stood the test of time for over a hundred years. The windows offer picturesque views of the grounds, adorned with magnificent trees. Unwind in the bathroom, adorned with soothing colors that beckon relaxation.

Upstairs, a luminous sitting room awaits, featuring comfortable chairs and windows dressed in flowered chintz curtains that open onto a spacious terrace. From here, indulge in the breathtaking surroundings of a wonderfully preserved and lush environment, perfect for leisurely strolls. Welcome to "La clairière au tulipier" - The Tulip Tree Glade. The house within the park exudes an indescribable atmosphere. Immerse yourself in a tranquil haven, where the colors work like a magical elixir, offering a sense of peace as shimmering walls and windows invite the beauty of the countryside into your abode.

The sitting room boasts a monumental fireplace and radiates a warm yellow hue, as does the study and the accompanying Louis XIII period furniture. The kitchen, with its gray and mauve walls, is a room of exceptional character, complete with original floor tiles, an old farm table, and copper pans. The highlight of this space is its intimate garden, creating a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor living. The bathroom, reminiscent of the most luxurious hotels, beautifully reinterprets the past while providing all the modern comforts you desire.

Upstairs, the elegantly decorated rooms exude their own unique personalities. One is adorned in the style of Louis XV, while the other reflects the Directory era. The harmonious blend of vibrant color pigments creates a lively and cheerful ambiance, all while maintaining a charming countryside allure. Welcome to a truly enchanting retreat.


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GPS: 47° 439.94"N 3°1814.39"E

To get to the chateau, follow these revised travel directions:

1. Exit the A77 at exit 34 and make a left turn, heading towards Guérigny-Prémery-Auxerre.
2. Take the first right turn towards Montigny aux Amognes.
3. Continue through Montigny and follow the signs towards Ourouer.
4. In Ourouer, make a left turn, then a right turn, following the signs for Nolay Nyon.
5. After approximately 2 miles, take the first left turn, following the signs for Balleray.
6. The chateau will be visible on your left, with a driveway leading to it.



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  • Montreux Jazz Festival: Held annually in Montreux, this world-famous music festival attracts renowned musicians and music lovers from around the globe. Visitors can enjoy a diverse range of concerts, including jazz, blues, rock, and pop, in a picturesque lakeside setting. 10. Geneva: The cosmopolitan city of Geneva is easily accessible from Nyon and offers a wealth of attractions. Visitors can explore the Old Town, visit the Jet d'Eau fountain, discover international organizations, and enjoy shopping, dining, and cultural experiences.

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