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René Van Der Krogt
Le Sauzet
St. Germain L'herm



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Both Puy de Dôme and Cantal rooms feature a shared bathroom equipped with a shower and toilet in the hallway. Each of these rooms is furnished with a comfortable double bed and double mattress. Additionally, the Cantal room also offers an additional single bed, making it suitable for accommodating up to three individuals. On the other hand, the Allier and Haute Loire bedrooms have their own private bathrooms with a shower and WC. These rooms are furnished with two single beds and also include a chair with an Allier brochure placed conveniently on the bed for one person.


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2 65 70 oui
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3 80 85 oui
Holiday Home 5 450 800 non


Swimming Pool
Animals Allowed


  • Château de Murol: Located in Murol, this medieval castle offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Visitors can explore its well-preserved towers, ramparts, and dungeons, and attend entertaining medieval shows.
  • Lac Chambon: A picturesque lake situated near Murol, Lac Chambon is perfect for outdoor activities such as swimming, fishing, and canoeing. There are also several hiking trails around the lake, providing opportunities to admire the beautiful landscape.
  • Vulcania: An educational and fun theme park dedicated to volcanoes, Vulcania offers interactive exhibits, 3D movies, and thrilling rides. Visitors can learn about volcanic activity, geology, and the history of volcanoes in the region.
  • Puy de Dôme: This iconic volcanic peak is the highest in the region and offers breathtaking panoramic views from its summit. Visitors can hike or take a train to reach the top, where they can explore the remnants of an ancient Roman temple.
  • Saint-Nectaire: A charming village renowned for its delicious cheese, Saint-Nectaire is an ideal place to taste and purchase this local specialty. The village also features a Romanesque church and picturesque streets lined with traditional houses.
  • Grotte de Jonas: Located in the village of Saint-Pierre-Colamine, this cave is rich in stalactite and stalagmite formations. Guided tours allow visitors to discover the underground wonders and learn about the geological history of the region.
  • Les Jardins de la Préhistoire: Situated in the town of Le Mont-Dore, these prehistoric gardens offer a unique experience. Visitors can explore different themed gardens, each representing a different era of human history, from the Stone Age to the present.
  • Église Notre-Dame-du-Marthuret: This beautiful Romanesque church is located in the village of Artonne. Dating back to the 12th century, it features intricate sculptures and frescoes, making it a must-visit for history and art enthusiasts.
  • Château de Parentignat: Situated near the town of Issoire, this elegant castle is surrounded by landscaped gardens and offers guided tours. Visitors can admire its impressive architecture and learn about the history of the noble families that once resided there. 10. Parc Naturel Régional Livradois-Forez: Covering a vast area of forests, meadows, and mountains, this regional natural park is perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, and wildlife spotting. It also provides a chance to experience the tranquility and beauty of the Auvergne region.

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