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Huguette Criaud
118 route de la Vallée



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The Blue Suite (40 m²)
Located on the first floor, the Blue Suite offers a private balcony and a soothing blue decor, creating a tranquil atmosphere. The suite boasts a round benéo 3 place bath in the tower, providing a perfect space for relaxation and rejuvenation.
Features: King size bed 180x200, round benéo 3 place bath, mini-bar, Espresso machine, large flat screen TV with TNT.

The Red Suite (40 m²)
With a panoramic view of the valley from its canopied tower, the Red Suite is a luxurious haven. The suite features a Napoleon III style living room, inviting guests to indulge in pure pleasure. The retro bathroom is separated by a glass wall and includes two wash basins and an old-fashioned bath. Additionally, the suite offers a shower, hot towel dryer, and a separate toilet.
Features: King size bed 180x200, television.

The Chocolate Room (21 m²)
Situated on the first floor with a private balcony, the Chocolate Room showcases an ethnic decor. The elegant bathroom is equipped with a blanéo bath, double wash basins, a towel-dryer, and a separate toilet.
Features: King size bed 180x200, mini-bar, television.

The Green Room (20 m²)
A cozy ground-floor bedroom with a private terrace, the Green Room is adorned with pastel colors. The spacious and elegant bathroom features two wash basins, a large bath, and a separate toilet.
Features: King size bed 180x200, mini-bar, large screen TV with TNT, bathroom: 13 m².

The Yellow Room (17 m²)
Located on the first floor with a private balcony, the Yellow Room offers an unobstructed view of the valley. Decorated in the Provencal style, the room includes a bathroom with a shower, wash-basin, towel dryer, and a separate toilet.
Features: King size bed 160x200, mini-bar, television.

The Lilac Room (16 m²)
Situated on the first floor, the Lilac Room features a private balcony and a serene pastel color scheme. The bathroom is equipped with a wash basin, wash, and a towel-dryer, along with a separate toilet.
Features: King size bed 160x200, mini-bar, television.


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  • Monet's House and Gardens: Situated in Giverny, this famous attraction was once the residence of renowned impressionist painter Claude Monet. Explore the vibrant gardens that inspired his iconic artworks and visit the artist's charming home.
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  • Les Andelys: A picturesque town situated on the banks of the Seine River, Les Andelys offers stunning views of the Château Gaillard, a medieval fortress built by Richard the Lionheart. Enjoy the charming atmosphere, visit local shops, and take leisurely walks along the river.
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  • Étretat Cliffs: These majestic cliffs are located in Étretat, offering breathtaking views of the English Channel. The unique rock formations, including the famous "Needle" and "Arch," attract visitors from around the world. Take a walk along the cliffs and capture stunning photos of the natural beauty.
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