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Françoise Bertri.
5 Linard
Bussiere Dunoise


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On the first floor, you will find the bedrooms. "La chambre des Roses" features a comfortable double bed measuring 140 centimeters, while the George Sand room offers two beds measuring 90 centimeters each. The shower room is conveniently situated on the ground floor. Additionally, guests have access to a cozy living room and a well-equipped kitchen area. Furthermore, there is a private garden space where guests can relax and unwind.


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To reach your destination, take exit St Vaury-Bussière Dunoise from National 145. Once you are in Bussière Dunoise, head towards Le Bourg dHem. In the hamlet of Linard, you will find the access on the left, and the house is located on the right at the end of the dead end.



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