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Gérard Danny Dialo
La Salamandre


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Nestled in a picturesque wooden landscape spanning over 30,000m2, La Salamandre invites you to experience a warm and inviting stay in our three exquisitely comfortable and beautifully adorned guest rooms. Indulge in the luxury of our heated outdoor swimming pool, relax in our tranquil rest areas, and engage in various outdoor entertainment options, including table tennis and "petanque." Stay connected with complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the entire property, and enjoy satellite TV for your entertainment pleasure.


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  • Château de Chambord: Located in Chambord, approximately 93 kilometers from Santenay, the Château de Chambord is a stunning Renaissance castle known for its unique architecture and vast grounds. Visitors can explore the castle's grand rooms, admire its decorative facade, and wander through the beautiful French gardens.
  • Hospices de Beaune: Situated in Beaune, about 13 kilometers from Santenay, the Hospices de Beaune is a former hospital dating back to the 15th century. This iconic building now serves as a museum, showcasing medieval medical instruments and offering insights into the history of healthcare in the region. Its colorful, geometric tiled roof is a notable feature.
  • Clos de Vougeot: Located in Vougeot, approximately 30 kilometers from Santenay, Clos de Vougeot is a historic vineyard and the site of the ancient Cistercian wine-making estate. Visitors can explore the vineyard, learn about Burgundy's wine production, and visit the Château du Clos de Vougeot, which houses a wine museum.
  • Abbaye de Fontenay: Situated in Montbard, about 70 kilometers from Santenay, the Abbaye de Fontenay is a well-preserved Cistercian monastery founded in 1118. This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers visitors a chance to admire its Romanesque architecture, explore its tranquil gardens, and learn about the abbey's religious and cultural significance.
  • Basilique Sainte-Marie-Madeleine: Located in Vézelay, approximately 85 kilometers from Santenay, the Basilique Sainte-Marie-Madeleine is a magnificent Romanesque church perched on a hilltop. Pilgrims have been visiting this UNESCO World Heritage Site for centuries, attracted by its spiritual importance and stunning architectural features.
  • Musée du Vin de Bourgogne: Situated in Beaune, about 13 kilometers from Santenay, the Musée du Vin de Bourgogne is a museum dedicated to Burgundy's rich wine heritage. Visitors can discover the region's winemaking history, learn about the different grape varieties, and even participate in wine tastings to experience the flavors of the area.
  • Château de Cormatin: Located in Cormatin, approximately 37 kilometers from Santenay, the Château de Cormatin is a beautifully restored 17th-century castle. The castle's opulent interiors, landscaped gardens, and impressive moat make it a popular tourist destination. Guided tours provide insights into the castle's history and its former noble residents.
  • Parc de l'Etang Fouché: Situated in Arnay-le-Duc, about 40 kilometers from Santenay, the Parc de l'Etang Fouché is a scenic park centered around a large lake. It offers various recreational activities such as boating, fishing, and walking trails, making it an ideal spot for a peaceful day out in nature. These tourist attractions near La Salamandre, Santenay, provide a mix of historical, cultural, and natural experiences, showcasing the diverse offerings of the Burgundy region in France.

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