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Marcel Tarrery
15 Chemin des Rossignols ROMPSAY


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Welcome to the luxurious bungalow at Studio Luxury, offering a range of homes varying in size from 18 m² to 70 m², all nestled within a private property located in a peaceful residential area of La Rochelle. Our guests can indulge in the refreshing swimming pool, unwind in the invigorating sauna, and take advantage of the scenic jogging trail on the premises.


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Swimming Pool


  • La Rochelle Aquarium: Located in La Rochelle, just a short distance from Perigny, this impressive aquarium is home to over 12,000 marine species. Visitors can explore a variety of exhibits, including tropical coral reefs, penguin enclosures, and a shark tunnel.
  • Old Port of La Rochelle: Situated in the heart of La Rochelle, the Old Port is a picturesque waterfront area lined with charming cafes, shops, and historic buildings. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll along the harbor, admire the iconic towers guarding the entrance, or embark on a boat tour.
  • La Rochelle Towers: The Towers of La Rochelle are a symbol of the city's rich history. The Tour de la Chaîne and Tour Saint-Nicolas, both dating back to the 14th century, offer stunning views of the city and the Atlantic Ocean. Visitors can explore the towers and learn about their past significance.
  • Île de Ré: Located just off the coast of La Rochelle, Île de Ré is a popular tourist destination known for its beautiful beaches, charming villages, and scenic bike paths. Visitors can rent bicycles to explore the island's picturesque landscapes, visit historic sites, and relax by the seaside.
  • Marais Poitevin ("Green Venice"): This unique marshland area is located a short distance inland from Perigny. Known as "Green Venice" due to its network of canals and lush vegetation, visitors can take boat tours through the marshes, observe wildlife, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.
  • Fort Boyard: Situated on a small rocky island between Île d'Aix and Île d'Oléron, Fort Boyard is a historic fortification that has become famous through the television show of the same name. Although access to the fort is limited, boat tours can take visitors close by to admire its impressive architecture.
  • Château de la Roche-Courbon: Located in Saint-Porchaire, a short drive from Perigny, this Renaissance-style castle is surrounded by beautiful gardens and a moat. Visitors can explore the castle's interior, which houses a collection of antique furniture, and wander through the well-manicured grounds.
  • Les Antilles de Jonzac: This tropical-themed water park and wellness center in Jonzac offers a range of indoor and outdoor pools, slides, saunas, and spa facilities. It's a great place to relax, have fun with the family, or enjoy some rejuvenation.
  • Saintes Amphitheatre: Situated in the town of Saintes, the Roman Amphitheatre is a fascinating historical site. Dating back to the 1st century AD, it once hosted gladiator fights and other spectacles. Visitors can explore the ruins and imagine the grandeur of the ancient Roman era. 10. Palmyre Zoo: Located near Royan, Palmyre Zoo is one of the most renowned zoos in France. Home to over 1,600 animals from various species, including lions, giraffes, elephants, and primates, the zoo offers a great day out for animal lovers of all ages.

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