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Carole colin
16 Rue des Chadauds


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Description for Gite

We have 5 self-catering apartments for 4 people each. Each apartment consists of a bedroom with a double bed, a bathroom, a toilet, a main living area with a small kitchenette, and two single beds. There are also two private terraces, separated from the others by hedges. Guests also have the option to enjoy a picnic by the pond.

We also offer a spacious house for 6-7 people, featuring 3 bedrooms, a dining area, a kitchen, a toilet, a bathroom, a double bed, and 5 single beds. Additionally, there is a covered terrace facing the swimming pool.


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Access D675



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extra bed
Apartment 5 60 100 500 700 6
Holiday Home 1 120 200 1000 1400 6


Swimming Pool


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