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Evelyne Boisier
5008 Route de Rontalon, Chemin de La Houardaz



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Escape to an enchanting rustic mountain chalet, nestled in a serene rural landscape, far from the confines of home, yet conveniently only 10 minutes away from modern comforts. Whether you desire respite after a hectic day, a delightful weekend getaway with friends, a memorable birthday celebration, or a blissful vacation of a few days, this is the perfect sanctuary for you. Choose from our cozy dormitory rooms, accommodating 2 to 8 people, or opt for a unique experience on our tree platform, allowing you to observe nature in all its splendor. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of our trout-filled pond, engage in a friendly game of petanque, or indulge in the pampering relaxation of our soothing spa. Stay connected with our reliable wifi as you embark on exhilarating hiking or biking adventures. For your dining needs, we offer delectable meals or you can explore the nearby inn, just a short 5-minute walk away. Here, the only sounds that will disrupt your peace will be the delightful melodies of birds and the gentle babble of the nearby stream.

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Appréciations pour Sur Le Coux, Thyez:

Nuit étoilée sous la bulle!
Review by: VINDRET Maguy et Bébert, Juil 11 2016 12:54PM
Vous voulez faire un cadeau original, alors n'hésitez pas une nuit étoilée sous la bulle c'est extraordinaire à vivre!!!..., mais en plus Evelyne et Jean François, malgré leur intense occupation entre la cuisine, l'entretien de cette belle demeure et son parc reposant, sont toujours disponibles pour répondre à nos questions. Nous vous recommandons aussi de profiter de ce lieu pour faire à pieds une promenade accessible à tous .
Review by: Cretignier, Juil 26 2015 7:19PM
Accueil très chaleureux- excellent apéro,repas et déssert; cadre magnifique chez un couple fort sympathique, attentif, et intéressant. A recommander à 100%
Review by: Johanna und Sebastian, Sep 11 2014 9:23AM
Ein friedlicher wunderschöner Ort, ein überaus herzlicher Empfang, kinderfreundliche Gastgeber. Wir wollen gern wiederkommen. Merci
Une virée sur le Cou
Review by: Benoit Jacques et Josette, Dec 5 2013 4:28AM
Un havre de paix , dans un cadre magnifique, un accueil chaleureux d'authentiques plats cuisinés avec amour voilà ce que vous allez trouver au chalet d'alpage sur le Cou. Evelyne et J.François ne changez rien restez comme vous êtes vous tenez la clé du succès.Merci à tous les 2 pour ce week-end très agréable.
Josette et Jacky (Alsace)

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To reach Mount Road Chatillon from Marignier or Cluses, it will take approximately 8 minutes. Afterwards, continue on Highway Rontalon. As you ascend towards the room, avoid deviating too far from the source and path of Houardaz. This path is located near Chamonix, d'Annecy, and Geneva, all within a 50 km radius.



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  • Château de Montrottier: Located in Lovagny, the Château de Montrottier is a medieval castle that offers a fascinating glimpse into the history of the region. Visitors can explore the well-preserved interior, admire the collection of armor and weaponry, and enjoy the beautiful views from the castle's hilltop location.
  • Annecy: Situated approximately 30 kilometers from Thyez, Annecy is a picturesque town known as the "Venice of the Alps." It is famous for its stunning Lake Annecy, charming old town with canals, and the Palais de l'Isle, a former prison turned history museum. Visitors can stroll along the lake promenade, enjoy watersports, and explore the quaint streets filled with shops and cafes.
  • Les Gorges du Fier: Located near Lovagny, Les Gorges du Fier is a unique natural attraction. Visitors can walk along a narrow footbridge suspended above the gorge, offering breathtaking views of the rushing river below and the towering cliffs. The site also includes a visitor center with exhibits about the geology and history of the area.
  • Le Prieuré de Talloires: Situated on the eastern shore of Lake Annecy, Le Prieuré de Talloires is a historic abbey turned hotel. The beautiful building dates back to the 17th century and offers stunning views of the lake and surrounding mountains. Visitors can enjoy a meal at the on-site restaurant or take a leisurely walk in the Abbey's gardens.
  • Mont Salève: Located just across the border in neighboring Switzerland, Mont Salève is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The mountain offers numerous hiking and biking trails, as well as paragliding opportunities. A cable car ride to the summit provides panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and even the Mont Blanc massif on clear days.
  • Gorges du Pont du Diable: Situated near the town of La Balme-de-Sillingy, the Gorges du Pont du Diable (Devil's Bridge Gorges) is a natural wonder. Visitors can follow a trail that leads through the narrow gorge, crossing over bridges and passing waterfalls along the way. The site is ideal for nature lovers and photographers.
  • Plateau des Glières: Located in the Haute-Savoie region, Plateau des Glières is a historical site and natural reserve. It was an important base for the French Resistance during World War II. Visitors can explore the memorial, hike the scenic trails, and learn about the heroic actions that took place in this area.
  • Les Jardins Secrets: Situated in the town of Vaulx, Les Jardins Secrets is a hidden gem. These secret gardens are beautifully landscaped and feature a variety of plants, flowers, and sculptures. Visitors can wander through the gardens, relax in the peaceful surroundings, and enjoy the charming atmosphere. These attractions near Thyez offer a diverse range of experiences, from exploring historical sites and natural wonders to enjoying the beauty of lakes and mountains.

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