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Rue Pardaillan


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Experience ultimate relaxation and tranquility in this exquisite chalet. Boasting three spacious bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a cozy dining room, and a comfortable living room, this chalet offers the perfect retreat for your vacation. Complete with a bathroom and a separate shower room, you'll have all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay. Enjoy the warm rays of the sun throughout the day, as this chalet is perfectly positioned to capture the glorious sunshine from the South and South West.


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Take the A62 towards Toulouse Bordeaux and take the AGEN Condom exit. Continue on Condom and follow the signs for EAUZE and PAU until you reach Gondrin. Once in Gondrin, turn onto Pardaillan Street to reach your destination.



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  • Château de Larressingle: Located about 6 km from Rue Pardaillan, Château de Larressingle is a fortified village known as "La Carcassonne Gersoise." It features medieval architecture, including a well-preserved castle and ramparts, offering visitors a glimpse into the region's history.
  • Flaran Abbey: Situated around 15 km away, Flaran Abbey is a Cistercian abbey founded in the 12th century. It now serves as an art and history museum, displaying various artworks, sculptures, and archaeological artifacts. The serene gardens surrounding the abbey are perfect for a peaceful stroll.
  • Le Lac de l'Uby: Roughly 10 km from Rue Pardaillan, Le Lac de l'Uby is a picturesque lake offering recreational activities such as swimming, sailing, fishing, and hiking. The area is also home to several picnic spots, making it an ideal destination for a day of relaxation in nature.
  • Fourcès: Approximately 8 km away, Fourcès is a charming medieval village known for its circular layout and well-preserved architecture. Stroll through its narrow streets, admire the medieval houses, and visit the local shops and restaurants. The village is particularly beautiful during the annual flower festival.
  • Eauze: Located about 30 km from Rue Pardaillan, Eauze is a historic town with Roman origins. It is famous for its archaeological treasures, including the Roman villa of Séviac, which features well-preserved mosaics. Additionally, Eauze boasts a lively market and a beautiful cathedral.
  • Condom: Situated approximately 15 km away, Condom is a charming town known for its imposing cathedral, Saint-Pierre. Visitors can explore the historic center, admire the medieval architecture, and enjoy the picturesque views along the river Baïse. The town also offers various shops, cafes, and restaurants.
  • Nogaro Racing Circuit: Roughly 25 km from Rue Pardaillan, the Nogaro Racing Circuit is a must-visit for motorsport enthusiasts. Known for hosting various car and motorcycle races, including the famous GT and endurance races, the circuit also offers driving experiences and karting for those seeking an adrenaline rush.
  • Château de Cassaigne: Located about 20 km away, Château de Cassaigne is a magnificent castle surrounded by vineyards. Visitors can take guided tours to discover its rich history, enjoy wine tastings, and explore the beautiful gardens. The castle is also known for producing Armagnac, a traditional French brandy. These tourist attractions near Rue Pardaillan offer a diverse range of experiences, from historical landmarks to natural beauty and adrenaline-fueled activities, ensuring there is something for everyone to enjoy.