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Nuits Romantiques
Rue Edouard Vaillant



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This room, inspired by the theme of "Nature," offers a spacious area of 45 m² on a slope. It features a round king-size bed, a cozy lounge area with a fireplace, comfortable armchairs, and a bar. Additionally, there is a relaxation space with a round bubble bath and jets, a solarium, a tropical shower, a Tantra massage couch, and a swing. To ensure a pleasant stay, the room is equipped with a multimedia TV and a Bluetooth speaker.

Indulge in the unique wellness facilities and distinctive furnishings of the Romantic Nature room, all while enjoying complete privacy. Treat yourself to unparalleled relaxation experiences, such as our large Balneo bath, which offers the same functionality as a jacuzzi but with increased hygiene as the water is changed after each use. Experience the bliss of a tantric massage on our Tantra couch, bask in the soothing warmth of our infrared lamp solarium, and have fun exploring our spacious round bed or swinging on the swing.

The room also includes a bar area with a sink, allowing you to prepare your own dinner snacks. Crockery, a mini-fridge, and a microwave are available for your convenience.

Detailed equipment list:
- King-size round bed with a diameter of 220 cm.
- Balneo bath for two people with 8 jets and bubbles, featuring a diameter of 160 cm.
- Tropical shower.
- Solarium with infrared lamps for healthcare purposes and a Tantra massage couch.
- Swing.
- Bar area with a sink, mini-fridge, microwave, ice maker, and a hot drink machine offering coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.
- Living room area with two armchairs and a small table.
- Google Home Bluetooth speaker, multimedia TV, and complimentary WiFi.
- Air conditioning and an electric fireplace.
- Sink with mirror and toilet.
- Towels, bath sheets, bathrobes, and a hair dryer are provided.

Depending on the day of the week, we offer two night packages (6 p.m. - 12 p.m. on the next day):
1. VIP-night: This package includes Champagne and breakfast for two people. Enjoy freshly baked breads and pastries from our baker, along with orange juice, coffee, tea, milk, and more.
2. LOV-night: This package includes a snack for breakfast for two people. Enjoy Viennese pastries in sachets, orange juice, coffee, tea, milk, and more.

We welcome you between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. If you arrive late or prefer not to be greeted, you can access the room independently using electronic access with your smartphone.


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