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15 Bis Rue Victor Hugo
Le Pizou


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This ground floor accommodation offers a distinct bedroom furnished with a comfortable 160-sized bed, a compact office space featuring 80-sized beds, a cozy sitting room, as well as a bathroom and separate WC.


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To reach Bordeaux from Interstate 89 Exit 12 MONTPON MENESTEROL, follow the signs towards Bordeaux. Afterward, continue on the road until you reach a mill in The New Pizou, where the management is located.



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Swimming Pool


  • Château de Monbazillac: Located approximately 30 kilometers south of Le Pizou, this stunning medieval castle is known for its Renaissance architecture and picturesque vineyards. Visitors can explore the castle's interior, enjoy wine tastings, and admire the panoramic views of the Dordogne Valley.
  • Bergerac Old Town: Situated just 17 kilometers from Le Pizou, Bergerac's historic center offers a charming ambiance with its narrow streets, half-timbered houses, and cozy cafés. Visitors can explore the town's medieval buildings, visit the Maison des Vins to sample local wines, and stroll along the picturesque quayside.
  • Grotte de Lascaux: Located approximately 50 kilometers northeast of Le Pizou, the Lascaux Cave is a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its prehistoric cave paintings. Although the original cave is closed to the public, visitors can explore the nearby Lascaux IV replica, which faithfully recreates the intricate artwork and provides insightful exhibitions.
  • Château de Bridoire: Situated just 10 kilometers east of Le Pizou, this magnificent 15th-century castle offers a unique interactive experience for visitors of all ages. With its medieval games, treasure hunts, and beautifully restored rooms, the Château de Bridoire provides a memorable journey back in time.
  • Jardins de Sardy: Located approximately 25 kilometers northwest of Le Pizou, these stunning gardens are renowned for their diverse collection of plants, flowers, and trees. Visitors can take leisurely walks through the beautifully landscaped grounds, admire the colorful blooms, and relax in the peaceful ambiance.
  • Grotte de Maxange: Situated just 5 kilometers south of Le Pizou, this hidden gem is a cave known for its extraordinary crystal formations. Visitors can take guided tours through the magical underground world, marvel at the shimmering stalactites and stalagmites, and learn about the geological history of the region.
  • Château de Montreal: Located approximately 30 kilometers southeast of Le Pizou, this medieval fortress offers breathtaking views over the surrounding countryside. Visitors can explore the well-preserved castle, wander through its gardens, and learn about its fascinating history through informative exhibitions.
  • Moulin de la Veyssière: Situated just 8 kilometers west of Le Pizou, this traditional watermill provides a glimpse into the region's rural heritage. Visitors can witness the mill's functioning mechanisms, learn about the flour production process, and enjoy scenic walks along the nearby river.
  • Château de Lanquais: Located approximately 40 kilometers east of Le Pizou, this magnificent castle combines medieval and Renaissance architecture. Visitors can explore the castle's furnished rooms, visit the museum showcasing medieval weaponry, and enjoy panoramic views from the tower. 10. Parc de loisirs de Neufont: Situated just 15 kilometers southwest of Le Pizou, this adventure park offers a range of outdoor activities for families and thrill-seekers. Visitors can enjoy zip-lining, tree-top courses, paddle boating, and picnicking in the beautiful natural surroundings.

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