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Agnès Ruette
178 Allée du Château


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price from €52




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The floor of our family home is where you'll find our two bedrooms.


Appréciations pour La Ferme du Château, Gueutteville:

chambre d'hote
Review by: MONNIER, Sep 6 2014 8:05AM
chambre d'hote très agréable et très confortable pour les personnes qui aime la campagne et le calme.
acceuil et convivialité excellent

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To reach Rouen from the A151 motorway, take the Val SAANE exit. Proceed in the direction of D2 and then follow D22 at the first roundabout. Take a right at GUEUTTEVILLE D63. Enter the track at Castle Alley and take the second entrance on your right.



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  • Château d'Etelan: Located just a short distance from 178 Allée du Château, Château d'Etelan is a stunning 19th-century castle built in a neo-Gothic style. Visitors can explore the castle's beautiful interiors, picturesque gardens, and enjoy panoramic views of the Seine River.
  • Jumièges Abbey: Situated about 10 kilometers away, Jumièges Abbey is a historic ruin that dates back to the 7th century. This former Benedictine monastery is surrounded by serene landscapes and offers a glimpse into medieval architecture and religious history.
  • Rouen Cathedral: Within a 30-kilometer radius, Rouen Cathedral is a must-visit attraction. This magnificent Gothic cathedral is famous for its impressive architecture, intricate stained glass windows, and association with the renowned artist, Claude Monet.
  • Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rouen: Also located in Rouen, this art museum houses an extensive collection of artworks from the 15th to the 21st century. Visitors can admire pieces by renowned artists such as Monet, Renoir, and Delacroix.
  • Parc du Champ de Bataille: Approximately 40 kilometers away, this vast garden and park complex near Le Neubourg offers a serene escape. Visitors can explore its beautifully landscaped gardens, fountains, and enjoy activities such as horseback riding or picnicking.
  • Honfleur: Situated around 50 kilometers from Gueutteville, Honfleur is a charming coastal town known for its picturesque harbor and historic buildings. Stroll through the narrow streets, visit art galleries, and indulge in delicious seafood at one of the many waterfront restaurants.
  • Étretat: About 70 kilometers away, Étretat is a mesmerizing coastal town known for its breathtaking cliffs and natural arches. Explore the scenic hiking trails, visit the pebble beach, and capture stunning panoramic views of the English Channel.
  • Le Havre: Located approximately 70 kilometers from Gueutteville, Le Havre is a vibrant port city recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Explore its modernist architecture, relax at the beach, or visit the renowned Musée d'Art Moderne André Malraux.
  • Deauville: Situated around 90 kilometers away, Deauville is a glamorous seaside resort town known for its luxurious hotels, upscale shops, and a famous boardwalk, Les Planches. Enjoy a day at the beach, try your luck at the casino, or attend one of the town's cultural events. 10. Mont Saint-Michel: Although a bit further away (approximately 180 kilometers), Mont Saint-Michel is an iconic medieval abbey situated on a rocky island in Normandy. Known for its striking architecture and picturesque surroundings, it attracts millions of visitors each year. Please note that distances mentioned are approximate and may vary depending on the route taken.

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