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Claude et Abdou
La Maynade
Loubens Lauragais


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Description for Gite

This stylish LOFT cottage is fully equipped to comfortably accommodate up to 4 guests (with the option to accommodate a 5th guest). It features a spacious living room and a large kitchen, both offering a beautiful view of the terrace and the pool area.


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Revel is located 20 kilometers away, followed by Toulouse at a distance of 30 kilometers. Continuing further, Albi is approximately 50 kilometers away, and finally, Castrates is approximately 75 kilometers away.



Property type Quantity
Prices in €
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extra bed
(2 pers.)
6 70 70 300 450 30
Apartment 1 120 120
Holiday Home 1 90 90 700


Swimming Pool
Disabled Access
Animals Allowed


  • Canal du Midi: Located just a short distance from La Maynade, the Canal du Midi is a UNESCO World Heritage site. This historic waterway offers scenic boat trips, cycling paths, and charming towpath villages.
  • Toulouse: Located around 30 kilometers away, Toulouse is a vibrant city known for its pink-hued architecture, lively markets, and rich cultural heritage. Explore the impressive Basilica of St. Sernin, visit the iconic Capitole de Toulouse, and enjoy the city's renowned gastronomy.
  • Carcassonne: Situated approximately 70 kilometers from La Maynade, Carcassonne is a medieval fortified city that transports visitors back in time. Explore its well-preserved ramparts, narrow streets, and visit the stunning Château Comtal.
  • Castelnaudary: Located just a short drive from Loubens Lauragais, Castelnaudary is famous for its traditional dish, Cassoulet. Visit the town's charming center, stroll along the Canal du Midi, and enjoy a delicious meal at one of the local restaurants.
  • Montsegur Castle: Situated about 90 kilometers away, Montsegur Castle is perched on a rocky hilltop and boasts breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. This historic site holds great significance as a Cathar stronghold during the Middle Ages.
  • Albi: Located approximately 80 kilometers from Loubens Lauragais, Albi is known for its impressive red-brick cathedral, the Sainte-Cécile Cathedral. Explore the picturesque Old Town, visit the Toulouse-Lautrec Museum, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of this charming city.
  • Revel: Situated just a short distance from Loubens Lauragais, Revel is a picturesque market town famous for its Saturday morning market. Browse through the stalls, admire the beautiful medieval architecture, and visit the Museum of Wood and Marquetry.
  • Lac de Saint-Ferréol: Located about 30 kilometers away, Lac de Saint-Ferréol is a stunning man-made lake nestled in the Montagne Noire. Enjoy swimming, picnicking, or taking a leisurely walk around the lake's shores.
  • Narbonne: Situated approximately 100 kilometers from La Maynade, Narbonne is a historic city with a rich Roman heritage. Explore the impressive Narbonne Cathedral, visit the ancient Via Domitia, and enjoy the Mediterranean ambiance of this charming town. 10. Foix: Located around 100 kilometers away, Foix is a medieval town dominated by the impressive Château de Foix. Immerse yourself in history as you explore the castle, wander through the narrow streets, and learn about the region's past.