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Steffy Et Fred
2 Impasse Du Petit Bourg


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Conveniently situated between Niort and Poitiers, and just a short 5-minute drive from a motorway exit, this place is perfect for a stopover or a peaceful retreat in the countryside. The bedroom is located on the upper floor of our house with its own separate entrance, and offers a choice of either a king-size bed (180cm) and a single bed (90cm), or three single beds (90cm each). Additionally, we provide a kettle, a coffee maker for grain coffee, and a microwave for you to prepare your breakfasts. As a warm welcome, we offer local biscuits. There is also a playground and a bowling green nearby, as well as various scenic walks to enjoy.


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Located in close proximity to the highway, approximately a 35-minute drive away from Futuroscope.



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  • Puy du Fou: Located in Les Epesses, approximately 40 minutes away from Soudan, Puy du Fou is a historical theme park known for its spectacular live shows and reenactments. Visitors can immerse themselves in different eras, from Roman gladiators to medieval knights, and experience the magic of this award-winning park.
  • Marais Poitevin: Situated about an hour away from Soudan, Marais Poitevin is a unique and picturesque marshland known as the "Green Venice." Explore the tranquil waterways by boat or on foot, and discover the diverse flora and fauna that inhabit this beautiful natural site.
  • Futuroscope: Located in Poitiers, around an hour and a half away from Soudan, Futuroscope is a futuristic theme park offering a range of interactive and immersive attractions. From 3D and 4D cinemas to virtual reality experiences, Futuroscope combines entertainment with technology for a thrilling day out.
  • Château de Saumur: Situated in the town of Saumur, approximately an hour away from Soudan, Château de Saumur is a stunning medieval castle overlooking the Loire River. Explore the castle's rich history, admire its impressive architecture, and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.
  • Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud: Located in Fontevraud-l'Abbaye, about an hour and a half away from Soudan, the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This vast complex includes a beautiful abbey church, monastic buildings, and tombs of several Plantagenet dynasty members, including Richard the Lionheart.
  • Parc Oriental de Maulévrier: Situated in Maulévrier, approximately an hour away from Soudan, Parc Oriental de Maulévrier is the largest Japanese garden in Europe. Stroll through the peaceful gardens, admire the traditional Japanese architecture, and experience the tranquility and beauty of this enchanting place.
  • Château d'Angers: Located in Angers, around an hour and a half away from Soudan, Château d'Angers is a magnificent medieval fortress housing the famous Tapestry of the Apocalypse. Explore its towers, ramparts, and gardens, and discover the fascinating history of this impressive castle.
  • La Rochelle: Situated on the Atlantic coast, approximately two hours away from Soudan, La Rochelle is a charming port city with a rich maritime heritage. Explore the picturesque old town, visit the iconic towers guarding the harbor entrance, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of this coastal gem.
  • Le Puy du Fou - Cinéscénie: As an extension of Puy du Fou, the Cinéscénie is a grand nighttime spectacle showcasing the history of the Vendée region through a captivating combination of lights, music, and performances. This impressive show takes place in a vast open-air arena and offers a truly unforgettable experience. 10. Nantes: Located around an hour and a half away from Soudan, Nantes is a vibrant city known for its artistic and cultural scene. Visit the unique Machines de l'Île, explore the historic Château des Ducs de Bretagne, and wander along the charming streets filled with shops, restaurants, and cafes.

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