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Elisa et Eric Roucher
48 Terrier de Bourguignolle


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Are you in need of tranquility and serenity for your upcoming vacation? Look no further, as we invite you to explore our beautiful region. Our destination offers a plethora of activities that are guaranteed to cater to the entire family. Nestled within a peaceful setting, we present to you a charming, recently built villa spanning 55 m2. Situated in a tranquil estate, surrounded by the picturesque countryside, this property is conveniently located near all amenities. Additionally, you will have access to a spacious 1200m2 garden, complete with private parking in a secure, enclosed area.


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Take a flight to London Stansted Airport, which is located 4 km away from the Gîte.



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2 80 100 oui
Holiday Home 4 400 500


Animals Allowed


  • Angoulême: Located about 15 kilometers northeast of Balzac, Angoulême is a historic city known for its Romanesque cathedral, quaint medieval streets, and the famous International Comics Festival held annually. Visitors can explore the city's ramparts, visit the Angoulême Museum, and enjoy panoramic views from the city's viewpoints.
  • Cognac: Situated about 36 kilometers southwest of Balzac, Cognac is renowned for its production of the world-famous Cognac brandy. Visitors can take guided tours of Cognac houses such as Hennessy, Rémy Martin, and Martell, learning about the distillation process and enjoying tastings. The city also offers charming streets, picturesque river views, and the Musée des Arts du Cognac.
  • Confolens: Located approximately 37 kilometers east of Balzac, Confolens is a picturesque town known for its annual International Folklore Festival. The town features a medieval bridge, narrow streets with half-timbered houses, and the majestic Église Saint-Maxime. Confolens also hosts the Musée d'Art et Traditions Populaires, showcasing the region's traditional crafts and heritage.
  • Oradour-sur-Glane: Situated around 70 kilometers northwest of Balzac, Oradour-sur-Glane is a haunting memorial village preserving the remains of a tragic World War II massacre. The village was destroyed by the Nazis in 1944, and visitors can explore the preserved ruins as a reminder of the atrocities of war. The Centre de la Mémoire provides historical context and exhibits about the events that occurred.
  • Limoges: Located approximately 85 kilometers southeast of Balzac, Limoges is renowned for its fine porcelain production. Visitors can explore the Musée National Adrien Dubouché, showcasing an extensive collection of porcelain, and even try their hand at painting porcelain at Atelier Musée de la Porcelaine. The city also offers beautiful gardens, a stunning Gothic cathedral, and charming old streets.
  • Vallée des Singes (Valley of the Monkeys): Situated around 90 kilometers north of Balzac, Vallée des Singes is a unique primate park where visitors can observe various species of monkeys living in a semi-natural environment. This conservation park focuses on education and protecting endangered primates. It offers a chance to get up close to monkeys and learn about their behaviors. Please note that distances are approximate and may vary depending on the specific location in Balzac.