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Caroline Davey
Les Brégères
Saint Barbant


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price from €60






Description for B&B:

The bedrooms are located in a separate house from the owners, ensuring privacy. There is a spacious communal lounge equipped with a television, as well as a sun terrace available for guests to relax and enjoy. You are free to return at any time during the night without any restrictions.

Description for Gite

We have two spacious and well-equipped gites available, each accommodating up to 7 guests comfortably. These gites have been awarded a 4-star rating, ensuring a high standard of quality and comfort. Perfect for year-round stays, they feature both wood burners and electric heating. With three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a large living area, there is plenty of space for everyone. Additionally, our guests can enjoy the convenience of a swimming pool exclusively for gite visitors.


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To reach Les Brégères, which is 2 km away from Saint Barbant, you should look for signs across from the Mairie.



Property type Quantity
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extra bed
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5 60
Holiday Home 6 300 775


Swimming Pool
Animals Allowed


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