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Gobillard Valérie


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Situated between Clermont-Ferrand and Thiers, just 8km from the A72 highway, this countryside farmhouse has been lovingly restored while preserving its old stone charm. With a picturesque view of the Ravel Castle, Clos Goëlle upstairs offers three unique and charming bedrooms. Each room has its own private bathroom, and there is a shared toilet available. Guests will enjoy the cozy ambiance of the living room with its fireplace, as well as access to a private kitchen. On sunny days, breakfast and dinner can be served in the peaceful garden. For those interested, an evening meal can be reserved through table d'hôte service.


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chambre et table d'hôte
Review by: Diot, Juin 25 2009 6:39AM
Accueil chaleureux. .Calme.Confort.Convivialité.Bonne table,bonne literie.Excellent rapport qualité-prix.

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To reach Lezoux Moissat, take the D229 road. After leaving the village, make a right turn onto a narrow road situated amidst the field. Look for signs pointing towards Goëlle and B&Bs.




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